Every DS post-op should know that vitamins are going to be a part of their life – for the rest of their life – from about a month post-op.

There are some baseline recommendations.  Here’s a list of the DS Vitamins with Sources that we recommend for Dr. Baltasar’s patients.  Suffice it to say, we all need:



B Vitamins

Dry forms of fat stored vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, and K)



That’s not all that awful, is it?  The key to all of this, though, is choosing the correct form of what we need!  There are just about as many types of vitamins out there as there are stars in the sky.  Choosing the ones that work for us is imperative to keeping the basic functions not just working – but thriving!

And of course – we all should know this – RIGHT?! – this is where you START.  The future is determined by lab returns.  This is the point in which you put your right hand over your heart and swear that you hereby promise to do your labs faithfully as a post-op forevermore AMEN.


Labs are not optional.

Vitamins are not optional.

Vitamins are LIFE SUPPORT for a DS post-op.

I’ll have more about vitamins later – but here, at least is a rudimentary start.

And don’t forget – HOW you take your vitamins is important, too.  See How to Take Your Vitamins.


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  1. Allen VanBennekom says:

    I am 2 weeks out from surgery, and am considering the DS, instead of the RNY, but am not sure?? My BMI is 50 (400lbs), just dont want to be tied to a bathroom… i like to motorcycle ride, concerts. Will I have a good quality of life with the DS? I will take all of the advise I can get!! I enjoy reading your post.

  2. dinamcb says:

    Hey Allen! Great to meet you!

    You may have already picked this up – but I’m pretty darn biased – I love my DS and wouldn’t trade it for anything! It has afforded me a quality of life as a post-op these past 7.5 years that is nothing short of phenomenal.

    Something that you need to be aware of is the fact that any surgery that messes with your gut has the potential to cause “bathroom issues.” Prolonged bathroom issues is NOT the norm and shouldn’t be accepted as such with the DS. See my post here:

    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, okay?



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