DS Resources

If you’re a DS post-op, then you should know that choosing to have bariatric surgery – and specificially the wild and wonderful DS – means you’ve made a lifetime commitment to do some basic stuff.  It’s not a bad trade off, really.  For me, it meant giving up 23 prescription meds daily in exchange for a handful of vitamins and minerals.  I’m so okay with that.  It didn’t hurt that I lost 240 pounds along the way, either!

Sadly, some of us don’t put out the effort that we ought to to stay connected or to continue the research that we started when we were choosing which bariatric surgery and why and how it would affect you for the remainder of your life.  Do you know that well over 70% of bariatric post-ops who stay involved in face to face support groups enjoy a substantially better weight loss and level of overall health?  Motivating, huh?

I don’t claim to know it all.  But I do claim to feel that the burden is on ME to continue to learn about my forever altered guts and act responsibly and proactively to continue to live a healthy life and thrive.  I don’t mind at all sharing the stuff I learn and pick up along the way.


Basic and Imperative


HOW to take your Vitamins



Pre-Op Diet

How to Eat

What to Eat

When Eating Totally Sucks

My Philosophy of Eating

You Don’t Have to be Hungry to Need to Eat

Glossary of Terms

Online Resources

Product Recommendations

DS-Friendly Recipes


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