Probiotic Rich Life: Water Kefir

20170408_124831 (3)A few years ago I’d never heard of water kefir.

I’d heard of kombucha, had tried it even, tolerated it, didn’t love it, and well – it seemed….  fussy.  Like a big commitment – financially if I were to purchase it commercially, and time wise if I were to make it myself.  I have friends that swear by it, love it, have been making it for years – and couldn’t imagine it not being a part of their lives.  Yeah.  I wasn’t feeling it.

There were a number of reasons WHY I was contemplating adding a probiotic rich DRINK to my diet specifically, I’ll get into those in another post.  But suffice it to say, I was at a point in my life where I needed something that FELT approachable.

I started digging around on the web, found some blogs, some videos, some clinical data, and decided, okay – I can sink $30 and 5 days into a trial of making water kefir.  It felt approachable.

So I ordered a Water Kefir Starter Kit from Cultures for Health and waited for it to arrive.  I’ll confess, I was afraid I’d mess it up.  The tutorial videos helped tremendously – and yes, I watched them several times.  But once the kit arrived, it literally took me no more than 15 minutes to get started.  I wondered if I’d missed something.

The first batch smelled – yeast-y – not yummy, and per the instructions I’d found online, discarded it.  The second batch didn’t, and that, we flavored with organic fruit juice and did a second ferment, and – wow.  YUM.

So why water kefir?

For me – my immunities needed a bolster.  I wanted something that would help my body heal.  I wanted something that would help the vitamins that are so vital to my DS post-op life to uptake into my system better.  And I wanted my gut to settle down and be at peace.

I’ve always been the DS post-op with “iron gut” i.e., I could pretty much eat anything and get away without a lot of intestinal fall-out.  After my last bowel obstruction in 2015 – not so much.  It felt like my gut was under duress.  And it was miserable.

A week into drinking just a couple of ounces of water kefir before bed and there was a HUGE, appreciable, positive outcome.  My gut had settled.  My infection had healed.  And I was sleeping better than I had in ages.


Suffice it to say that a couple of years have passed now and I’ve been drinking my glass of water kefir each night before bed – every night.  I would NEVER consider NOT doing this.  My health has improved.  My labs have improved.  My body’s ability to heal has improved.  My immunities are strengthened.

Maybe the one thing that I didn’t anticipate with this and was unexpected was the death of something:  my sweet tooth.  I think anyone who has known me over the years can attest to my long-standing love affair with chocolate.  Its pretty much dead now.  I honestly do NOT miss it.

I don’t know if that’s why I lost weight after starting, but lost weight I did.  I don’t NOT eat – in the least – anyone who follows me on MFP knows that I definitely eat – and eat well.  It is sort of like my metabolism revived, though.  Interesting.

Needless to say, I’m a fan.

It still feels approachable, affordable, sustainable.

It takes 10 minutes of my time every 2 days to maintain.

So worth the investment.

I’ve got a little video over on YouTube – I shouldn’t be allowed to one-hand record videos – LOL!  One of these days I’ll have to remake it with someone else videoing!  But – it does give you an idea of just how EASY it is to do this.

How to Make Water Kefir

I will warn you – if you decide to start making your own, its addictive.  You’ll want to start fermenting all the things.  And well – rightly so – they’re delicious – and they make your gut HAPPY.

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