E-Weekly: Patients Value Personal Interactions

I’m always shocked when those who manage healthcare find this so surprising!

“Congenial nurses carry more weight than cutting-edge surgical technologies and fancy facilities when it comes to satisfying patients, according to a survey of healthcare consumers.”

Read the rest of the article here:  E-Weekly: Breaking News in Surgery (September 11, 2012)#1#1.

For those of us who have gone to Spain for surgery with Dr. Baltasar the one thing that consistently gets talked about – up to a decade later – isn’t the hospital, the flora and fauna, or the color of the paint on the walls.  It’s all about the fact that people are blown away – years later – that Dr. Baltasar sat down – in no rush whatsoever – and simply took the time to listen, answer questions, inquire about family, laugh over a joke, and impart a sense of calm and peace.  All without a sense of the attention being somewhere else, or a looming deadline that kept him looking at a watch or clock on the wall.  Always with a message that comes across clearly:  YOU are more important than the other things that may seem pressing to others.

Wonder why it’s so hard for healthcare – as an industry – to clue into that?!

How about you?  What do YOU remember most about your encounters with healthcare providers?


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