Obesity Action Coalition » Dear Doctor – Can Bariatric Surgery Treat Type 2 Diabetes?


Obesity Action Coalition » Dear Doctor – Can Bariatric Surgery Treat Type 2 Diabetes?.

For those of us who are DS post-ops, we’re trying hard not to yell out loud, “DUH!  Yes!  It can!  Hello?!”

I think what we sometimes forget is that other people don’t necessarily know that the DS has AMAZING results with the elimination of metabolic syndrome.  (This article refers to a study that showed “98 percent of the biliopancreatic diversion patients achieved complete remission of their T2D.”  That’s phenomenal, by the way.  NOTHING else shows that type of result.  As in NOTHING.)

Hence our love of Dr. B and his foresight in embracing just the “switch” part of the DS for severe metabolic syndrome – and specifically, Type II Diabetics.  The studies out of Europe support the same type of results as that referenced in this article.  Dr. B’s results?  Better.

So amazingly cool.

I – for one – do NOT miss diabetes.

That recognition is finally coming out here in the States about the validity of the DS as a mighty weapon against Type II Diabetes is nothing short of phenomenal!


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  1. Greg says:

    I agree Dina….they should be providing it for people who are not obese but have type ll diabetes. I had my DS surgery last Wednesday and haven’t used insulin or metformin since.

  2. Belinda Castillo-Beyerlein says:

    Thanks, Dina, for your artic le and link on bariatric surgery & T2D. It has confirmed for me my plans to have the ds surgery in the next few months!


    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 02:52:59 +0000 To: bab_albuq@hotmail.com

  3. Roseleen Ehrsam says:

    Hi Dina I have not meet anyone yet with the original BPD yet. I have never had diabetes, probably never will.

    1. Dina says:

      Rosie – I’ve got a few I can connect you up with! 🙂

      1. Roseleen Ehrsam says:

        I would love to meet someone who had the original BPD. Yes please

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