Yeah – okay – it scared me.

Ever have one of those days when everything is going along just fine and dandy, and then something happens to blast you out of your oblivion?


Had one of those days on Saturday.

Honestly – day was going great.

Woke up.

My fabulous husband made me an amazing breakfast – scrambled eggs fresh from the hens, some crispy browned breakfast potatoes, a slice or two of yummy bacon. Enjoyed a mug or two of tea. It was lovely.

Headed out to support group meeting.

Weird – but not as unusual as I wish it were – had a blood sugar drop out. Dealt with it.

Left support group meeting.

Gathered my stuff, enjoyed lunch with my husband, then headed out to take care of a project that I’ve been working on.

A couple of hours after lunch the strangest thing happened.

I started having pain – kind of mid- to upper-quadrant abdominal pain.

It was faint at first.

I went ahead with my project and chose to ignore it.

Over the course of a couple of hours the pain continued to gain strength.

By the time early evening rolled around I turned to John and said, “I need to go home.”

So home I went.

I had chills, pain in the 5 to 6 range on the 1 to 10 scale, and I knew all was not well.

My prayer – over and over and over again, “Please, Lord… no hospital!”

Made it home. Changed into my pj’s, and went to bed.

Pain continued to grow. I didn’t like remembering what it felt like to have that 8/9 level on the pain scale.

I had this ongoing internal debate, “Adhesions? Bowel obstruction? Do I call the doctor? I don’t want to call the doctor. They’ll make me go to the ER. I don’t want to go to the ER. If I need an IV I’d rather have a PICC… WAIT! I don’t want a PICC! I don’t want an IV! Owie… I hurt!”

Yeah – not so much fun.

I dozed off and on. Sipped my tea. Prayed.

Quite a bit later that night all of a sudden I started to feel a little better.

Pain inched its way back down to the 5/6 level.

By about 1am I started to believe things were getting better and I fell pretty soundly asleep.

I woke up Sunday morning and realized: No pain.


Sore, yes. Kind of a shadow of pain, but no actual pain, hallelujah!

Last time I saw Dr. Halpin she said to me, “You know, it’s not IF you have a bowel obstruction, it’s WHEN.”

I kinda like pretending that that doesn’t have to be a part of my future, you know?


Double UGH.

The great news – no pain since Sunday morning. I took it easy Sunday with a mostly liquid diet. Today – everything fine. No pain, no fatigue, everything working.

So yeah – I can admit it – the whole thing scared me.

So WAY not going there any time soon, you know?


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  1. “Last time I saw Dr. Halpin she said to me, “You know, it’s not IF you have a bowel obstruction, it’s WHEN.” Yikes. Why “inevitable”?

    I’ve had a couple of similar bouts but of shorter duration. Never sure what to make of them, but they’ve scared me each and every time.


    1. Dina says:

      Cause every time you tiptoe through the gut, the higher your risk for bowel obstruction. It makes me tired just thinking about how many times I’ve had major abdominal surgery – and that doesn’t include the “little” stuf… UGH

  2. Judy says:

    You are one of the strongest women that I know! The stamina and inner strength you have amaze me continuously. I am glad your pain subsided. I hope you have an uneventful rest of the week! 🙂

  3. Melissa Chamberlin says:

    I get this, I really, really, really, get this. I haven’t been told that I will have a bowel obstruction, but I am here to tell you that I have those pains about every 6 months or so, they don’t come on slowly for me, they come on as if adhesions are literally ripping in my gut, almost like a hernia, but it hurts. So I go horizontal and wait it out. Upper left hand quadrant, almost as if it is my liver, but not so much. Since bloodwork is a no brainer for me, of course I get it all checked out, and my tests show nothing. So, if one day I turn up…dead, have them check me out for you. Perhaps you can get some answers from my gut.

  4. Leanne Untulis says:

    I hear you…especially since I had a hernia repair. The adhesions remind me every day that things are different…and who thought that every day I would be grateful to have a BM. Life is sooo good after the DS, but it is sooo different. Thanks for the reminders to be on our toes. Be well…
    Leanne Untulis

  5. Patricia Madrid says:

    Hi Dina,
    So did you ever find out what the pain was caused from? Just wondering because I get like that sometime but I’ve never gone to the Dr about it, like you I don’t want to go there either. I just drink Phillips MOM and deal with it, although I’ll say your paid is probably higher than mine.

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