obesogens | Does This Chemical Make Me Look Fat? ‘Obesogens’ Lurk All Around Us | Rodale News

“We have to acknowledge the fact that obesity is not just about will power, that it’s not just all someone’s fault,” says developmental biologist Retha Newbold, MS, CT, of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

via obesogens | Does This Chemical Make Me Look Fat? ‘Obesogens’ Lurk All Around Us | Rodale News.

How is it that WE have known this like – what? – forever?! – and the rest of the world – even with great research to back it up – just kinda chooses to ignore this sort of stuff?


It’s not all about calories in/calories out.

If it were – all of those crazy diets we all came up with in our desperate attempts to somehow win the battle with the scale would have worked!

Was I the only one who lived on lettuce sprinked with lemon juice and a dash of olive oil for 3 months?

Yeah – I thought not.

I know – some of you think I’m a little too granola for my own good.  It’s true – I do avoid chemicals whenever possible – in my body, on my body, in my environment.  It’s about survival for me.  I’m allergic and/or intolerant to SO much.  The closer I get to the source of stuff, the better for my quality of life.  And yes – it takes a little more effort.  Know what?  SO WORTH IT!

I would glady give up artificial sweeteners, HFCS, sodium laurel sulfate, fragrances, etc. all over again – in a fraction of a heartbeat.  I DO NOT MISS THEM AT ALL.

So please – take a few minutes to read this excellent article.  It’s so good.  Definitely food for thought.


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