addiction to sugar | Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: 10 Tactics for Overcoming Sugar Addiction | Rodale News


addiction to sugar | Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: 10 Tactics for Overcoming Sugar Addiction | Rodale News.

This is a MUST read.

If you think you don’t have a sugar addiction, I encourage you to take a pledge to make note of everything you eat and drink today and use a tool like to catalog the nutritional content.

My guess is you’ll be surprised.

If you’re a DS post-op – can I be honest with you here?  if you are in that magic 1 to 2 years post-op phase (aka the honeymoon) – you feel invincible, don’t you?  It’s okay to admit it.  Pretty much about 90% of us have been there.  Doesn’t matter what you do – you just somehow – amazingly – manage to lose weight.  It’s nearly dizzying, the euphoria that comes with it!

It does not last.

There will be a day when your body figures out what your surgeon did to make the magic happen – and it will dig in it’s heels, so to speak, and fight you for each pound lost.

That’s when being brutally honest with yourself about sugar is so important.

Sugar will bite you in the butt like crazy.

So – do yourself a favor.  Click the link up there – go read the article.  And then get serious about being honest with yourself and responding accordingly.


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  1. JenSpen says:

    You so know that I needed this article. It is obvious to me that I am addicted to sugar and food for that matter. I am going to really “talk to myself” using positive reinforcement about this and try my best not to beat myself up and address the issue head on. My first step is to try and not drink any sugar.

    1. Dina says:

      Gold star.

      I call drinks with sweeteners “stupid calories” – I mean – why waste them there? You know?

      It’s hard, though, when you’re in the habit – and don’t have a plan of attack. Giving up sodas required having a tried and true stand-in – and only then did it work!

      Congrats on the effort!

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