Sorry, I just gotta rant…


I know (or at least I thought I did!) without a doubt, that when you decide the DS is the surgery for you that about 90% of the patients really do due diligence and research the ins and outs and at least think they have an understanding of what it will take to Live the DS Life.


I’m sorry – but – DO NOT BE STUPID!

There is NEVER a time as a post-op when you just arbitrarily stop taking your vitamins/supplements and getting your labs done.

As in N-E-V-E-R.



What convoluted thinking goes through the mind of someone who ASKED for malabsorption to decide to do something like (which I’ve overheard more than once in the past couple of weeks…):

“Well, when I hit 4 years post-op I decided I probably didn’t need to take vitamins anymore…”


“I quit taking my vitamins – oh – about a year ago – and gosh, I haven’t been feeling very well…”




(Yes, I’m mad. If you are fortunate enough to HAVE a DS and you choose to be an idiot with it – then yes, I’m mad!)

NO – a multivitamin now and then is NOT sufficient.

NO – taking some bariatric vitamin company’s “special” formulation DOESN’T cut it!

NO – just because you feel okay now doesn’t mean it’s not all going to EVENTUALLY hit the fan.


Please, please, please! Raise your right hand and repeat after me, “I will not be a stupid DS’er! I will get my labs done REGULARLY, FAITHFULLY. I WILL NOT be stupid and let someone else tell me that because the result falls in “normal range” that everything is fine. I WILL NOT CHECK MY BRAIN AT THE DOOR! I WILL do due diligence and take my vitamins, get my labs done, and have someone who understands them interpret them! I will NOT take my DS for granted!”



Alright, I’m going to try and calm down now. Thank you for putting up with my rant.


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  1. Liz Parker says:

    I was one of those DS’ers who checked their brain at the door. I went two years right after surgery of not taking my supplements as I should. I STILL have issues with the amount of pills I have to take and thankfully, all of my labs have been normal (okay – I am iron deficient anemic but I get iron infusions to handle that since I cannot take any form of iron); except my last labs have my PTH through the roof/calcium levels in normal range=bad juju. Subsequently, I now have to take 3000 mg’s of calcium and 1500 mg’s of magnesium, etc, etc, etc ( on top of all the other pills)… I am not sure had I been more diligent in spacing out my supplements if this would have happened (or knowing NOT to take my Levoxyl with my supplements), I am sure I will never know.

    What I do know at 9+ years out as a post-op I DETEST feeling poorly and will do what I have to do to feel good. I have learned my lesson and have all of my pills put up in a daily pill holder with 4 sections to take throughout the day AND another pill holder at home for my early morning and late evening dose and I still have to throw an extra dose of calcium in the mix somewhere! I have even gone so far as to put reminders in my calendar so I have NO excuse to not take my vitamins. I am 40 years old with a 5 and 3 year old. I do not want to be bed ridden with osteoporosis, toothless and crazy from vitamin deficiencies. I need to be able to play with my kids and be an active participant in their lives.

    Thanks to you and Jo, I’ve gotten myself back on track and I am so grateful to the two of you for always reminding us to DO THE RIGHT THING!

    Fondest regards,

  2. Alison Brendel says:

    I totally agree Dina! When I tell someone about my surgery I stress all the aftercare that is REQUIRED to manage it. I also stress that ignoring those requirements can cost you your health and that the results of that are not pretty. I missed some days of vitamins due to GI flu etc but got back on them the second I could keep food down. I love my DS and what it has done for me but I’m sure aware of what it can do to me if I’m not diligent. Thanks Dina for the rant!

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