Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity – US News and World Report


Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity – US News and World Report.

There was a conversation last week on OH.  The mother of a young girl who was morbidly obese was seeking hope for her daughter.

Isn’t it funny  sad pathetic ow horrible we can be to each other?

She may as well have been beaten – the responses were mean, heartless, accusatory, condemning – to name a few.

Someone sent me a link to the conversation – knowing that our son had Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy at age 10 – and so I went to see what was up.

What is it about people who – once they’ve lost their weight – suddenly feel that everyone not with their BMI has no brain, heart, or ounce of will power?

It makes me angry, to be honest.

Were you a kid with a weight issue?

Did you go through the heartache that comes with it all?

Do you have a child who struggles with their weight?

Do you feel judged and condemned because of it?

Imagine what your child must feel!

Articles like this one (link above) may not give any balm to a hurting heart – but do offer a little bit of insight into they whys and wherefores.  It encourages me that there is ongoing research – and I hope – a future for kids that doesn’t include the heartaches that many of us know all too well.


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  1. Grace says:

    OH is full of harpies…they a really quite nasty to a lot of people.

  2. Amy says:

    Glad I didn’t see the conversation. A failing of empathy is human nature for most. What saddens me the most is that people can never see their own failing this way.

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