How basal metabolic rate affects weight loss


How basal metabolic rate affects weight loss – by Sandra Piddock – Helium.

This is a really good article – very readable and explains things clearly – i.e., the basics of how your basal metabolic rate works.

Remember my post not too long ago about learning my own BMR?  I’ve thought long and hard about the value of having this test available to WLS pre-ops and post-ops.  I’ve wondered – is it just a gimmick?  Or is it really valuable information?  And if it’s valuable information – how does one use that information wisely?

I’m still pondering it all – and trying to make wise choices.  I’m still mad that my DS (in it’s original form) is no more, and that they lengthened my common channel during my first February surgery.   But I know that being mad pretty much serves no purpose, if I’m really honest.  I just gotta get over it and move on – and endeavor to get my basic nutritional needs met (with this new, stupid, difficult to use GI system), and not develop a hate/hate relationship with food.

So…  just wanted to share.  I love useful information.  I love it even more when it really applies to my world!


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