Solving the mystery of celiac disease


Solving the mystery of celiac disease.

I’m always amazed at how many post-ops – whom I have the great privilege of getting to talk to and know – discover at some time into their DS journey that they are gluten intolerant and/or actually receive a diagnosis of celiac disease.  It’s not so much that the DS is a catalyst for it – it’s just that after becoming healthier, paying more attention to diet, and getting labs done regularly – well, stuff becomes apparent!

It’s fascinating – really – the human body.

Add the DS into the mix, and then it really gets interesting!  🙂

I’m not gonna lie to you – I think the DS is the most amazing, wonderful, fantastic gift to the morbidly obese community ever.  But – it requires seriously study before jumping in with both feet.

My uncle was diagnosed as gluten intolerant a couple of years ago.  It’s really caused me to start to re-think some things…  And it’s really messed up my annual birthday gift to him – a triple batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies!  I’ve got to come up with a gluten-free alternative – one that doesn’t make him miss those that are being replaced!

Anyway – I thought this was a great article, and decidedly worth the few minutes required to read it!


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  1. Audrey says:

    Ever wonder if it coincides with GMO foods? Just makes sense that it would disrupt our intestinal flora…

    1. Dina says:

      Excellent thought, Audrey. Does make one wonder, doesn’t it?!

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