healthy soda | A Soda Tax Will Work, New Study Says | Rodale News


healthy soda | A Soda Tax Will Work, New Study Says | Rodale News.

This is a great read!

You know what?  May 29th I FORGOT that the day marked 3 years since the last soda passed these lips.

I have not consumed a single soda or carbonated drink in those three years.

Three and a half years ago I would never have believed me capable of such a thing!

Today – no sweat!

It’s funny how thinking logically through the whys and wherefores of soda consumption made it such a no-brainer to eliminate both high fructose corn syrup and carbonation from my life.  You know they both inhibit calcium absorption right?  And the sugars in these types of drinks are a friend to NO ONE.

So why go there?

I think the thing that is most remarkable to me now – 3 years since giving up Coke (my lifelong addiction) – is how any significantly stressful or emotional event will lead me to a very disconcerting first thought:  I need a Coke!  Funny thing is, though – before – I would have reached right for one.  Now – I have to deal with the catalyst for the desire, and reach for my iced tea!

So – just for a refresher – if you’re a DS post-op, you ought to be doing 64 oz of non-sweetened (no artificial sweetener, no natural sweetener, NO sweetener whatsoever) fluids daily by the time you’re 10 days post-op.  Yes – I said 10 days post-op.  By the time you’re 6 months post-op you should be doing TWICE that amount.  Yes folks – that’s a gallon.

No – diet sodas don’t count.

No – crystal lite doesn’t count.

No – fruit juice doesn’t count.

We’re talking completely naked (sweetening wise, anyway) fluids each and every day.

For me, that means iced tea.  Loads and loads of iced tea.  For years it was iced green tea (Tazo Zen was my fave – from Starbucks – I still dream ordering that one!  “Venti iced green tea, no classic, with extra ice please!”) then since my surgery in February – I can’t stand it.  So now I’m loving iced English Breakfast tea.  I typically have a cup of hot tea in the morning, too – but I typically don’t count it in my fluid count.

I know – sounds impossible, right?  Well – it’s not.

You need to remember that as a DS’er the majority of your stomach and more than 50% of your GI system is now excluded from exposure to ingested fluids.  We have to work HARDER at getting and staying hydrated than normies.

So – all this to say – interesting study, huh?!

I’m so not about new taxes – but dang, would it be cool if it was the norm NOT to have one?


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