I hate bread!

But I love bread!

But I HATE bread!

But I LOVE bread!

Dang it all!

Isn’t it pretty?

It’s amazing fresh baked, sliced, and made into a lovely sandwich with mayo, a little Dijon, some nice quality turkey, a little baby swiss cheese.


I love sandwiches.


Why so conflicted, you ask?

Cause since my “reconfiguration” eating bread has become virtually impossible.


It feels like I’m having a heart attack.

It is often followed by vomiting.


I love sandwiches!

But I can’t eat them anymore.

[Insert big sad pouty face here!]

I mistakenly believed for a short period of time that I could eat a sandwich if the bread were toasted enough. It was a fluke. A few stolen moments of sandwich bliss.

Have I mentioned that I went to baking school? That I love bread?

I’m so serious – bread has been my ONE THING that floated my boat – no matter what as a post-op. Granted, bread usually came in 1:1 ratios with butter – but what could be better, right?!

I gotta say, this is rocking my world.

I’m having to adjust.

I’m not so sure I like adjusting.

But adjust I must.

Just call me salad girl from here on out.

[Re-insert big sad pouty face here!]

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Pulling up my big girl panties and moving on with life.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz Parker says:

    Whine all you want! I cannot imagine not being able to eat bread. Granted, I NEVER do anything that is not of a wheat kind since white flour blows me up like a toad but wow. I would miss bread for sure (gah, I have sprouted grain bread with almond butter every single morning). I am so, so sorry… But I am very glad you are here to be able to tell us all about how you cannot eat bread. The other possibility is unthinkable.

    Bless you Dina.

    Your ‘friend’ in So Cal,

  2. Dana says:

    Oh my, do I know how you feel. I love sandwiches. Got this German Dark Wheat I wanted to try, since white flour blows me and the bathroom up…. Too much. Can’t do it. Can’t eat any type of bread, I end up in the bathroom for most of the day and the weight starts to go up. UGH!!!!

    I LOVE SANDWICHES… I feel for you. sniff, sniff… I’m crying for both of us.. : (


  3. Audrey says:

    OH! I am so sorry! I LOVE bread. Of course I went through the whole love/hate relationship with all food before the DS, so even though there are many things I cannot eat, I am grateful that I can enjoy so many others now.

    Bread of course is a staple of life. Perhaps later you will be able to partake of it again. Or perhaps you will need to find another version of bread that works! I pray that you find a joyful substitution. I am like the others. All things with white flour are tough to tolerate. Add sugar and it’s deadly to those around me! LOL So I never get to partake of many things like cakes, donuts, white bread, etc. I miss a good white sourdough bread like crazy, but have learned to enjoy a good whole wheat sourdough when available.


  4. Liz Parker says:

    For those that are sensitive to white flour, I am able to eat it if I take Beano. Granted I have to take FIVE but it does afford me the ability have sour dough, which I love, on the occassion! I even have to take Bean for beans and broccoli so I lost a lot with the DS. Heh, small price to pay, IMO. 🙂


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