All By Myself!


Remember those moments in life when a toddler proclaims happily/proudly that they “Did it all by myself!”

I kinda felt that way today – a little defiant, a little proud, and happy!

If this past surgery and recovery has taught me anything – it’s been dependence. Don’t get me wrong – dependence can be a good thing. It’s just – well – I kinda like being able to do some things independently.

Today – for the very first time – I took a shower this morning, and then I…. (drumroll please!)

…cleaned, packed, and bandaged my still ever so slowly healing surgical incision!


I am so doing the happy dance!

It makes me happy cause now my poor husband – who gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work – doesn’t have to stay up so late – waiting for me to get my act together and shower and then have him do my wound care. Poor guy – he’s had to deal with this incision for going on 3 months now. I’m so glad he doesn’t have to add that to the bazillions of things that he already does for me – so lovingly, kindly, with the most tender spirit possible. (Gosh I love him!)

So – join me in the happy dance if you will. A little independence has been gained!

Now all I gotta do is get healed up enough to be able to wear a bra again!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Maureen Ganz says:

    Atta girl Dina. So good to hear some positive news from you. You sure do have a gem of a husband but he’s got a pretty great wifey too. Bra’s are over rated. I hate the things and only wear them when it’s absolutely necessary.

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