added sugars and heart disease | Secret Sugar Threatens Your Health | Rodale News


added sugars and heart disease | Secret Sugar Threatens Your Health | Rodale News.

We DS’ers are kind of the “bad boys” (well, and girls!) of the WLS world.

Over on ObesityHelp a significant number of folks have coined a phrase “Come over to the Dark Side…  We have Cookies!”

It’s true – we get away with so much.

…for a while.

As you start getting further and further post-op you start realizing that the quality of your calories really do matter.  They make a difference in your quality of life.  They make a difference in what your weight is.  They make a difference in your complexion.  They make a difference in your intestinal flora balance.  They make a difference in your mental health.  They make a difference in your bone health.

Every one of those things – your quality of life, your weight, your complexion, your intestinal flora balance, your mental health, your bone health – every single one can and will eventually be impacted by sugars, the quantity and/or the type, in your diet.

Eventually – you’ll have to choose what’s more important.

It kinda sucks – having to face the music a bit.  But face it – it’s real life.

We get away with so much.  We have SO MUCH liberty with the DS.  Why kick ourselves in the teeth by not stepping up to the responsibility that it also requires?

I’m just saying…


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  1. Maddie says:

    Hi Dina! I hope you are feeling better everyday. I’m so sorry about you losing your tummy and your pylorus and so many other things as well. I would be scared to death about the gaining weight thing. In fact, this leads me to some advice or questions you might be able to answer for me.

    I’ve had a chronic gastric leak, which created a fistula and drains out of a hole in my incision for eight months. Mostly we have just been waiting for it to heal, but last week I ended up back in the hospital because my upper abdomen started hurting like I had been punched repeatedly, I started running at first low grade fevers which eventually went up to 101.4, and I went from 12 hour dressing changes to changing dressings every hour. Eventually I figured out that when I drank fluid it just came right out of the fistula hole. I was like a side show freak or a cartoon character! Anyway, back to the ER then admitted. The leak, which had been undectectable in my November and January CT / GI studies was now clearly dectectable. Not only was there one leak, it now showed two very large leaks. Thankfully none of them were collecting inside of me.

    So, now I’m NPO and on TPN. I have a Groshong Catheter in my Jugular vein. Two weeks before all this started my weight was 194. Today it’s 206!!!! I’m freaked out. Yes, I understand some of it is fluid retention. I’m getting 2500 mls of TPN over 14 hours. I’m on antibiotics (IV) 5 times a day. When I was in the hospital I was on a lot of fluids.

    This gaining weight thing on the TPN is a deal breaker! I found out yesterday that one bag has 1800 calories in it and god knows how many carbs and ALL OF THEM ABSORBED! I talked to the dietician who said that because my calorie intake before the TPN was likely around 500 (on a good day) that my body is having a party with all the fats and sugars. Ya know, if there is one thing my body knows how to do all to well it’s gain weight and hold on to it.

    I’m supposed to be NPO for 2 to 4 weeks, but at this rate of gain I’ll be 240 in four weeks! I’m scared and so not happy. I don’t know what to do. The dietician is going to call the surgeon and ask for a reduction of calories from 1800 to 1000 while still keeping the volume and protein levels up. My hope is that this will stop the weight gain and even let me drop below 200 again.

    Did you gain weight when you were on TPN? How did you handle it? Any suggestions?


    1. Dina says:

      Oh Maddie – honey! My heart so goes out to you! It was just a year ago TOMORROW that I started getting sick from my perfs. UGH! Big huge ugly UGH!


      So – your questions… Did I gain weight with TPN? No. But I sure as heck gained weight with fluids. Your dietician is right – your body needs this little break to catch up nutritionally. Seriously – after a water weight spike (and looking a big marshmallow-ey) – all the IV antibiotics, etc., magically one day my body seemed to know that it was okay to let go of the excess stuff.

      Right now – don’t stress about the scale. I know – impossible to do – but I gotta say it. To myself and to you. What’s most important is making sure you’re healthy enough to fight this infection and get you healed up. If you were only getting 500 calories on a good day – then there’s no way you’re nutritionally sound enough to get healed up.

      I went through several CT’s where the leak just was shy – wouldn’t show itself even though there was plenty of evidence it was there. In some ways having it declare itself is good – at least they can battle it head on now. Did they culture everything? Are they sure you’re on enough/all the right antibiotics?

      My best advice with the TPN – just ride it out. And make sure they do a full panel of labs on you. If you’re having bone metabolism issues at all, have them max out your calcium in your mix daily. That did a world of good for my PTH, calcium, and D numbers!

      Remember to walk, too. The TPN is hard on your liver, and if you get up and walk hourly during waking hours, it’ll go a long way toward your body metabolizing stuff the way it ought to. I wish you didn’t have the Groshong in the Jugular – yuck! Does it bug you when you move? Why not brachial presentation?

      Anyway – keep talking to me, girlfriend! Let me know if I can help at all, okay?

      BIG hug!

  2. Maddie says:

    Dina, could I call you? You can email me your number at my email addy, or I can send you my phone numbers if you feel more comfy calling me.


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