Real-ish Food


Dina began having “cream of” soups tonight and will have her chest drain removed Monday morning


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  1. Ellen from Ohio says:

    Dina happy to hear the good news that cream of somethings are now on your menu. Keep up the good healing. Hope there is no cream of chipped beef on that new menu only maybe cream of nice vanilla ice cream or a delicious creamy smoothie……..Feel better sooner than later…….Ellen in Ohio

  2. Monica says:

    i’m just hearing about the surgery! OMG! But prayers and good wishes for your assured speedy recovery that I know is going to happen.

  3. Diane Van Handel says:

    Dina, waiting impatiently for new updates!

    Diane from OH

  4. Bev Barrows says:

    Please find someone to update us on your recovery! Please, you mean so much to us. The silence is worrisome.
    Somebody tell us you’re ok! We need you back kickin butt.

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