Getting out the gluten

Getting out the gluten.

I can’t tell you how many people – not just post-ops – I’ve talked to in the past year who have confessed that they’d recently learned that they were gluten intolerant.  My own dear, sweet, amazingly kindhearted Uncle being one of them!

What kind of blows my mind about this is the sheer volume of people who are learning that this is a problem for them.  It seriously rocks your world if you need to go gluten-free.  I thought it rocked my world going soy and HFCS free – but man, that’s almost nothing in comparison to gluten!

John and I have wondered if the fact that mainstream wheat is more often than not GMO anymore has anything to do with this.  Something to ponder, to be sure.  We try to make a concerted effort to steer clear of the GMO products – and let me tell you, not as easy as you might think!  BUT – worth it in the long run, to us, anyway!

Anyway – this is a great article on Gluten and the effects of celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance.  Of note – if you are a malabsorber with gluten-intolerance and are not doing something to modify your diet – that’s about the same as taking a loaded revolver and shooting yourself in the foot.  Not smart.  It actually amplifies the malabsorption of nutrients that we so desperately need in our diets – so take it seriously, people!


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