The unofficial word…

Today I visited my friends in radiology at Good Samaritan Hospital.

We had a date for an Upper GI.

I was really looking forward to it – even though it meant I had to drink the nasty gastrografin junk.

I really like it when you get the same radiologist from the time before. It makes perspective pretty accurate, you know?

So I went. I drank the yucky stuff. And I got to view the films with the radiologist – who was nice enough to take the time to share his thoughts. He said:

“WAY better than last time.”

“I don’t see the fistula at all anymore.”

“There’s no communication between the stomach and the abscess.”

“There is a small hair-like shadow along the bottom of the stomach. But nothing is going through it. Maybe it’s just a shadow, stomach angle or something.”

I asked if I could get a cup of water to rinse and spit, and he said, “You could probably just drink it!” But I decided I AIN’T GOING THERE UNTIL DR. ZELKO SAYS I CAN!

All of this is wonderful news! I’ve been doing some good healing these last three weeks! Hallelujah!

So now I wait.

For Dr. Zelko to call.

Might be tomorrow.

Might not be until Friday.

Yes, I’m antsy.


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