Six More Days

I’ve been kinda quiet here, haven’t I?

Honestly, it’s been sorta boring.

I’m doing the stuff I’m supposed to do – for the most part – the resting thing is harder than some other things! LOL! Doing the TPN for 16 hours each day. The nurse comes once a week for a dressing change for the PICC line and to take labs.

I’ve been trying to catch up on email. That’s been a good thing to do. I’ve got a couple thousand flagged emails left in my inbox. Not sure if I’ll ever get completely caught up!

I’ve been washing a lot of dishes. Our dishwasher gave up the ghost Saturday, and we don’t believe in paper plates here (we’re such tree huggers!) so that means lots of dish washing. Honestly, it’s kind of therapeutic – AND – I love it because it helps warm me up! LOL!

We’ve had a progression of kids getting sick with the flu. Not pretty. But I’m SO thankful that it hasn’t hit me! (Cause it’s all about me!!!)

I decided it was time for me to start helping with dinner, too. I hadn’t been cooking much up until this point – because, honestly, I’m still a bit hungry. But poor John – he’s been so dumped on, I decided I needed to help. And it’s been fun! I’m actually really enjoying it.

Last night was the biggest temptation to put something in my mouth yet. We did breakfast for dinner last night – omelets, hashed browns, and coffee cake. I found an old recipe for coffee cake that I used to make when I was the baker at Sambica – it’s a really good recipe – and the smell of it baking was just about enough to do me in. Gosh I wanted to eat it so badly! And then I cooked up the various toppings for the omelets… bacon, sausage, ham, mushrooms, spinach, lots of cheese…. I just wanted to snack on the little bits of the toppings – I nearly actually reached for a sautéed mushroom! I had to stop myself – it was a reflex, not even a conscious thought! Wild!

The big thing that I’m doing, though, is counting down the days until my next Upper GI. Yes, I HATE, detest, abhor, etc. the gastrografin – but I’m so ready to know how things are progressing – you know?! I have an appointment, though. It’s next Wednesday, the 28th at 2:15 pm.

I should be getting scheduled for the stent removal for shortly after that, as well. I’m not sure if that will be an outpatient procedure or not – I’m supposed to hear from Dr. Zelko about that after the Upper GI.

So – I’m waiting some more. Seems to be my theme for this year – I’m thinking!

So that’s the scoop!

More as I know it!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Melody says:

    So….can we get the coffee cake recipe? 🙂

    So glad that you are doing so well and just have a short time left to go!!! Let us know about the test!

    Still praying!!!

    1. dinamcb says:

      Hey Melody!

      I just uploaded the recipe – you can find it in the Recipies section – or here’s a link:

      Thanks so much – and keep praying!



  2. Melody says:

    Oh gosh!!! Thanks so much for the recipe! I’m going to fix it at Thanksgiving when the family is all here! Just think…you’ll be eating “real” food by Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Love and hugs!!!

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