I can do it!

Today is day 23 of being NPO. That means only 19 more days to go.

I had an appointment scheduled to see Dr. Zelko tomorrow, Monday, morning. If you’ll recall, I went for an Upper GI this past Wednesday. The radiologist was quite happy with the improvement he saw in the films, and said he’d send the report on to Dr. Zelko.

Dr. Zelko has been out of town all week. I was just sitting here at the desk trying to dig out some. My kids – who all have designated homework areas of their own – seem to feel my desk is the place to do their homework and leave stuff all over. I’m messy enough as it is on my own! I don’t need any help!

So anyway – it was about 5 to 2 and my cell phone rings. I answer it – and lo and behold, it’s Dr. Zelko!

“Hey – I just wanted to touch bases with you now that I’m back in town. I was just going over your Upper GI films from Wednesday and its good news! We’re winning! It’s closing up. It was a nutritional issue that was keeping you from healing. The opening is less than 1 mm wide now.” It had been about 2.5 mm wide at the last Upper GI.

“So let’s keep doing what’s working. Three more weeks of NPO and TPN. I think we’re going to win with this course of action. I’m really, really encouraged.”

If he’s encouraged, how can I not be?!


I am so deeply, profoundly, intensely grateful to God for His goodness to me! I know – the battle isn’t over yet – but wow – what a huge encouragement to know that it’s working! That I am getting better! That my nutritional status is getting better every day!

I like being at this point in the balance of days – you know, on the downhill slope of the whole NPO thing. It’s so cool that the number of days left gets smaller each day! It makes me smile every single morning!

I will be honest. I miss eating. And yes, I’m hungry – although not a ton. Yesterday we had birthday celebrations for Jessica and Jonathan, and we had four different kinds of cake and ice cream to accommodate the extended family. As I was serving it took all I had to not lick my fingers! Cake is SO my biggest weakness. Gosh I love the stuff. And my aunt brought this beautiful little chocolate mint cake with a mint French butter cream. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

BUT – I can do it. 19 more days. That I can do. Heck, I’ve already done 23, what’s 19 more, right?

And an important milestone to commemorate: it’s October 10th – my 11 month anniversary of my revision. Eleven months ago – starting at about 193 pounds – I thought I might make it to about 145 pounds. There isn’t a lot of data out there about what percentages of excess weight a revision that involves a re-sleeve might expect. I thought if I got to 145 pounds, wow – that’d be something! Today, I weigh 130 pounds. Weird. This morning at church every single person who stopped to tell me how glad they were to see me at church and that I they were praying for me and were thrilled that I was gaining more strength, also quietly voiced concern that I was so very, very thin.

I don’t feel so very, very thin.

Isn’t it weird how hard it is for our heads to get clued in to what’s going on with our bodies?

I will say that it was kind of fun getting into my sweaters this morning as I was getting ready for church. I love – hm… no, maybe adore is a better word – cashmere. All winter long I keep my eyes open for sales on cashmere sweaters. They are extremely addictive – and far too expensive for my pocket book! That’s why I love it when I find a $150 cashmere cardigan for $11 at Nordstrom Rack. (I love that place!) And a couple of years ago Macy’s had a buy 1 get one free on cashmere pull-overs, and I had a coupon that meant that I ended up spending about $25 on each of them total. In my humble opinion, a girl can’t have too much cashmere. Anyway – last year I was pretty self-conscious about wearing my cashmere v-neck pull-overs. They fit, yeah, but they were snug – cleanings can shrink them up a tad. This morning I pulled a pull-over out, slipped it on – and gosh – it feels great, and looks wonderful. It surprised me a little, isn’t that funny? I expected it to fit just exactly like it did last year!

I also pulled out my coat to wear this morning – it was only 42 here this morning, and there was a breeze – and I was freezing! It has a little cinch belt at the back, and at the sleeves. I had them at the largest setting last time I wore it. This morning I had to adjust to the smallest setting. Weird.

So – a good way to start the week. Dr. Zelko told me to skip the appointment tomorrow, and he’ll get me scheduled for a follow-up Upper GI for 3 more weeks.

You gotta love a doc who calls on a Sunday afternoon cause he can’t wait to share the good news!


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  1. Liz says:

    You are my inspiration! Thank you for sharing your positive and faith based outlook. It is due to your sharing that I am facing my 6 weeks of non-weight baring knee surgery with a smile. You have been through so much in the last year I have NO business complaining about anything.

    My God continue to richly bless you and guide your healing by His divine intervention (and your Doc’s aren’t too bad either *wink*). I am thrilled that you are past your half-way mark.

    Best regards,

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