Day 11

Today is day 11 on TPN and being NPO.

Yesterday I had a day when all I wanted to do was TASTE something – other than the horrible taste that the Flagyl leaves in my mouth after infusions. Do you know that nearly every single thing on TV has food or drink in it?

Last night when John was preparing dinner for he and the kids – Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and veggies – the smell made me salivate big time! Then later one of the kids was eating pizza for a snack – I hate pizza – but I wanted a bite so badly!

This is so weird.

I’m definitely feeling hungry – not horribly hungry, just a tad. I find myself subconsciously thinking, “Hm… maybe I should grab a string cheese for a little snack.” And then realize – um, no!

And I definitely miss sitting at the dinner table as a family at dinner time each evening. But the honest truth is right now I just can’t do that – it would drive me nuts – I don’t think I could get away without having accidentally put something in my mouth! Maybe in a few more days…

I’m happy to report that I did manage getting to church on Sunday. It was great! Got to see lots of people and catch up. Got lots of hugs from friends. And loved the worship and message. I’ve decided to try and make it to Precepts on Wednesday, too. It starts at 9am – church starts at 11am – so I’m not sure I can do it right on time, but I’m going to try. I’ll have to go hooked up to TPN, of course, but that’s okay!

Oh – interesting news. The weather was quite warm and lovely Saturday and Sunday, but the forecast showed this week to be cold and rainy the entire week. I hate that I missed summer this year. The fact of the wardrobe matter being that I only have 1 pair of shorts that fit – well, sort of, they’re a couple sizes too big – but I can keep them on my body. So John and I headed over to the Nordstrom Rack to see if I could find a pair of jeans – I’m gonna need them to stay warm! My shorts were a size 12. So I chose size 10 jeans to try on. It turns out I wear size 10 Petite. I found a pair of DKNY jeans – they’re kinda skinny, but they fit nicely with a little room to spare. I like the cut on them – definitely not Mom jeans (phew!) but not so low that you’re constantly hiking your britches up. You gotta love buying a pair of jeans that retailed for $70 for $20 and some change.

Something that I’ve re-realized since being home is that my time at the computer is really somewhat limited. MY computer. We bought a laptop a couple of years ago just to make sure the kids would have a computer to use for homework, etc. But no – they want to use MY computer. (It is pretty cool, even if I do say so myself.) I learned this weekend that getting any time on the computer was difficult at best. And during the day – I’d better get in whatever time I want while everyone is at school. I got a little spoiled when I was in the hospital – had my laptop (which, honestly, I hate typing on – the keyboard is such an uncomfortable reach!), great Wi-Fi, and no competition for time!

I think my energy level is improving a bit. I still tire more quickly than I’d like, but I’m making baby steps.

So – today is day 11. Thirty-one to go.


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  1. Laura Mumford says:

    Day 11….31 to go….. Dina, you’re a quarter of the way done!!! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, and the Flagyl infusion after-taste sounds awful! Hopefully that will end very soon, and the next 31 days will fly by! Hang in there girl!!!


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