Thirty-two days

This morning in NW Portland is gloriously beautiful. My view out over Lovejoy Street from my hospital room is filled with beautiful trees with the first hints of fall colors. The sun is bright and everything seems to sparkle a bit. The view of the West Hills behind the trees is just as lovely. This morning this verse came to my mind,

Lamentations 3:22-23 (New Living Translation)

22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
      His mercies never cease.
23 Great is his faithfulness;
      his mercies begin afresh each morning.

This is one of those mornings where every fiber of my being knows this to be well and true. Peace is so cool. (Listening to “This Could Be The Day” by Addison Road, too – awesome song!)

So… had a good day yesterday. I always love it when the anesthesia haze is GONE and cognitive thought and function return. Phew. What a relief.

Of course, it’s pretty impossible to sleep through the night in the hospital. I sleep in about two hour snippets. I think that’s one of the reasons why I miss home – there are many, of course – but one is getting in my cushy, wonderful bed, next to my amazing husband, and sleeping through the night.

They advanced me from clear liquids to full liquids yesterday – so now I get cream of soups – woo hoo! There are three kinds: cream of tomato, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken. They are a world better than the beef broth and chicken broth I was getting. But how many times a day can one get excited about these three options? I’m thinking outside help may need to come to play here.

I am willing to stay on full liquids as long as they want me to. Seriously – I am so ready to be well. I think one good sign is that I’m actually getting hungry. Enough so that I’ve ordered second breakfast (another bowl of cream of) – like a good DS’er. I’m going to work hard today to get lots more calories in. I know – can feel – that my body needs them. (Lord, I hope no one sends Dr. B my labs – he’d faint if he saw my albumin level!)

My one big battle is getting enough fluids in. Not because I can’t or don’t want to. But these stinking antibiotics (which I really do need and am grateful for) cause this taste – that I can only imagine to equate with what the plague must have been – to constantly be in my mouth. Blech. Everything I eat and drink is tainted by that a little, so it’s a challenge. Of course if I don’t sip frequently, the taste is worse, so I am sipping – but not enough to come off of IV fluids quite yet. I’m working on it though.

Energy wise I’m doing better – although that flags some when my calories have been expended. I try to get up and walk at least every hour or so. My poor bony butt won’t handle much longer than sitting in one place. I stay up all day – no naps for the most part. But I sure look forward to full strength coming back one of these days soon!

I am a little bummed this morning. The Bible Study that I am a part of – it’s a Precepts Study – started up again for the fall this morning. One of the ladies called on her way out the door to Precepts to ask how they could pray for me. I love those ladies so much! And I’m so looking forward to doing the 2nd half of Isaiah. I’ve got to remember to ask John to pick up my book at the church office so I can catch up.

So here it is – the morning of my 32nd day in the hospital (thankfully not consecutively) since July 23rd. When am I going home? No one has said for sure, but there was a social worker by this morning to tell me her job is to help transition me to home from the hospital with all of the resources that I need lined up. Hmmm… Could that mean? I’m not even going to second guess. I’ll just leave it at that.

I am thankful for the care I have been given.

I am hopeful for healing.

I’m trusting God to get me through.

More as I know it.


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