Could be….

Monday afternoon they came to take me to radiology – my first stop – and then to endoscopy. They took some of my own blood, spun it down to plasma, injected it into the fistula, put a glue cap on top of it, and then put a stent in on top of that. I don’t think I was gone from my room all that long. I have no idea – because once again – my trip to anesthesia land kept me very, very out of it until just not too long ago (it’s Tuesday early evening).

I’m still a little fuzzy, but it’s getting better.

So – things I know:

  1. I did have some pain on waking – but more pressure. That would be the stent doing its thing.
  2. They let me have ice chips after 9pm last night. Wild.
  3. I was pretty gaggy – dry heave kinda stuff – when I was first awake this morning.
  4. This morning – after Compazine – the doctor let me have clear fluids.
  5. Fluids have gone well.
  6. I had a trip to radiology earlier this afternoon for an Upper GI. (Blech, shudder, gag!)
  7. Dr. Swanstrom looked over my report from radiology and advanced me to full liquids.
  8. I’m steadier on my feet, and feeling a little more coordinated. Phew!

There is a feeling afoot that this could be a good fix. Dr. Zelko explained to me that it doesn’t always work the first time. But they’re willing to try again if it’s a reasonably well tolerated fix. Way better than the huge scary alternative.

So I’m praying this is THE fix. Join me, won’t you? J


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