It’s been a quiet day.

My sweet, wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, amazing daughter did the nicest thing for me Saturday. She got in the car, drove to Beaverton Bakery, bought my favorite butter tea cookies, stopped by Starbucks and got my favorite iced tea, and then came and visited for a couple of hours. We were mourning a little bit the girls’ weekend this was supposed to be with John and the boys away fishing for the weekend. We enjoyed a nice visit – complete with a walk down to the hospital’s garden, where I was able to sit in the actual sunshine and soak up some of the warmth. It was wonderful!

I nibbled on a few cookies throughout the afternoon and evening – I still have a few left – I’m rationing them! And to be honest, eating wasn’t all that exciting. Lunch was awful and I tried an equally awful turkey sandwich as an alternative. (How do you mess up a turkey sandwich?) Dinner was a very dry pork roast that – redeemingly – had good mashed potatoes and gravy and a nice little salad as an accompaniment.

And I drank lots of hot Peppermint tea. It’s my beverage of choice right now. This tube up my nose has become a little bothersome. They are flushing it with saline several times a day – and that makes me pretty gaggy. Peppermint tea is just the cure. Thank goodness!

During the evening hours I worked on some things that I’ve not had time to for quite a while – I was pleasantly surprised to find them on the laptop – I’d assumed they’d have been on the desktop. I took my normal walks, and on one of those I ran into Jessica one of my nurses from 6 Central – the unit I was on last hospitalization. She said in passing they ought to get me back to 6 Central. I admitted that I missed my prior room – with its lovely views and big windows, and brand new fancy finishes. It was pretty posh over there. We chatted for a moment and then I finished my walk. It was a quiet, relaxing, and productive day.

I had a pretty good night’s sleep last night. I slept, for the most part, through IV changes, I sort of remember middle of the night vitals, but not clearly, and then I awakened to the most glorious sunrise over the City of Portland.

My excitement today involved getting a PICC line dressing change. They do that every 7 days unless something comes up before then requiring one. Molly the IV nurse did the change and noted the measurements. Ah, those darn measurements. Guess what?! My line had inched out again! Fortunately, not too much. She was able to advance it a few centimeters and it should be fine now. There was a minute there where PICC number six was in the list of possibilities! Phew!

At about 10 am the charge nurse from 6NW came to tell me that I was going to move to 6 Central later on in the afternoon – if I didn’t mind, that was. Mind?! I’ve had fabulous care on 6NW, but it has been a little depressing in the tiny dark room I’ve been in. So I said I’d be happy to move.

In the meantime I was the very happy recipient of a visit from my pals Linda and Meredith. If you ever have the chance to travel to Spain with them – do it! Go prepared, though – you’ll need lots of travel Kleenex because you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry! It was so nice to chat with them and catch up – they stayed for quite a while, and it was lovely.

So – here I sit. In my new room on 6 Central.

It’s lovely. J

I’m so okay with getting moved. J

NPO at midnight. Still no idea as to what the plan is for tomorrow – other than at some point in time I figure I’m heading into the OR for the endoscopic plasma plug of the fistula. More as I know it.


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  1. Maureen says:

    Good Morning Dina,

    I hope this finds you settled in your new posher settings. One of the hospitals I was in had very posh furnishings and I actually remember telling the nurse “Oh no, there’s some mistake. My insurance will never cover this.” But I was wrong and did indeed get that room. I actually prefer a double room to a single for the simple reason it helps getting nursing attention. When the nurse comes to the other patient I can ask for something for myself.

    God bless your daughter. I’m thinking she’s actually as wonderful as mine and that’s saying alot. We’ll have to compare notes one day….lol

    Did I tell you I’m weaning off of Seroquel. It’s making me eat non stop and this morning I hit 150 and freaked out. Gosh, there was a time when I wished to get under But a major side effect of Seroquel is weight gain but it’s one you have to wean off of very slowly.

    Looking forward to hearing how your scope goes, dear one.

    Warmest hugs,

  2. Monica says:

    It’s so nice to hear you’re doing better and eating. Prayers that your procedure is successful.

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