Wow! What a change!

So I was all prepared for the TPN or feeding tube conversation when Dr. Zelko came in to see me very late afternoon yesterday.

He sat down and he said, “We need to get you some nutrition.”

I nodded, knowing he would say that.

“Let’s go ahead and have you eat.” He said.

“Like food?!” I asked – completely surprised.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Like anything I want?”

“Yep. The fistula is so tiny almost nothing can fit in there. We’re going to be doing sterile saline flushes on it via the tube you’ve got. You need the nutrition. Let’s let you eat.”

“Wow – and here I thought you were here to tell me TPN or feeding tube!” I was still stunned.

“Let’s keep it to the KISS method – keep it simple, you know.” He smiled.

“I like that method.” I laughed.

“Monday we’ll take you back in and put that plasma plug in and see how it goes. So live it up this weekend – have someone bring you some good food.” He smiled as he was going to the door.


Anything I want.

Wouldn’t you know this is the weekend that my husband and boys are gone fishing for the weekend? I don’t think my daughter knows how to get here – she drives now at age 17 (egad!) but she’s never driven here, and is a little spooked about parking – I can’t imagine her trying to park downtown! (Even though this is just the edge of downtown – in some ways it’s more complex because of one way streets, more pedestrian traffic, street car and bus traffic, etc.)

I want the little butter tea cookies from Beaverton Bakery. They’re kinda like butter spritz cookies that you get at Christmas time, except they’re better. They put a little dollop of melted (and season appropriately color coordinated) melted white chocolate in the middle of them. They’re so yummy.

And I want the corn chowder from Manzana, except they’re out of business now and it’s not even possible.

And… I still want a nice juicy bacon, lettuce, tomato (straight from my garden), avocado, with my home made mayo on a toasted croissant. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I’ve wanted one of these since my last hospitalization.

If only the food here at the hospital were good!

Well, I’m not just gonna sit here and do nothing. I’m going to start brainstorming and see if I can’t figure out a way to have someone bring me something good to eat! Woo Hoo! Sunday night and back to NPO is coming too soon to pussy foot around!


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  1. Michele says:

    Dina, I have been thinking of you and watching here and OH for any posts. If I were still in Oregon I would zoom over with some food. The BLT w/ avacado makes me drool! lol. I bet someone shows up with real food. My daughter is an RN and used to work at Good Sam. She loved it! Good wishes and prayers continue.

  2. dinamcb says:

    Thanks Michele. I have to say the care here has been outstanding. My daughter actually braved the traffic and brought me Starbucks and my favorite butter tea cookies. But maybe my BLTA will come visit me tomorrow before I get cut off! 🙂



  3. Maureen says:

    Okay, just for the sake of friendship…..I WON’T have the BLT’s I was going to make for our lunches today. Oh honey, I sure hope you can come up with something amazingly tasty. We ARE professional foodies afterall. xoxoxox Maureen

    1. dinamcb says:

      No, Maureen – I insist – have them and ENJOY them! Please! Depending on what time I get made NPO again, I might find a way to sneak one in for me, too! 🙂

      Foodies unite!



  4. Tara Schmitz says:

    I wish I could bring you some food! Congrats on getting to eat something. Hope you can come up with something good!

    1. dinamcb says:

      Tara – that’s so sweet of you! I ended up having a lovely dinner and am savoring the last two of my tea cookies. My family are all home. And I’m a happy girl! 🙂

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