I lost a day in there

I’ve been pondering whether successive trips into anesthesia land have a cumulative effect or not.

I’m starting to think they do.

Last I really remember feeling and thinking cognitively was Wednesday evening before I went back to – where I thought would be endoscopy, but ended up being radiology.

And here it is Friday afternoon.

I really don’t have much of a memory of Thursday.

Lord, I hope I didn’t make any promises to anyone!

As I mentioned in my last post I didn’t really know what the plan was. I was sipping on clears in fact, so I knew it would be nothing soon. Well, around noon Cassie, the wonder CNA came in to take away my clears, announce that I was NPO, and that I had a date for 7 or 8 pm with Dr. Swanstrom in endoscopy.

So I waited…

Listened to music…


Should have brought my knitting, darn it!

TV is fairly useless, and the sound on mine in my hospital room works sporatically at best.

At around 5:30 pm or so Dr. Zelko came in to chat. He talked to me about how the fistula that we were hoping to deal with is – in fact – not a new fistula, but one of the old ones that was fixed three weeks ago, the surgical stay had failed and allowed it to open again. The big concern – after having seen the inside of my stomach so many times now – is the fact that the tissue is not healing like it ought to. It’s been through so much – and add to that being exposed to infection for MONTHS on end. So, one potential plan of action is to take some of my blood and spin it down to plasma and use it as a plug of sorts on the fistula, then adding a cap or some sort of thing to hold it in there. The plasma should, in theory, spur my body to want to reinforce healing in that general region and help make things strong. Woo Hoo! Sounds good, huh?! Another thought was that we may need to actually get a tube into that fistula so that the fistula and the abscess area can be flushed with sterile saline to help clean it up. That might have to come first. Not a bad idea, thought I. Seems reasonable.

So – there were no definitives as to what the course of action would be, just that I had a date with both Dr. Zelko and Dr. Swanstrom sometime around 7 or 8.

John arrived a little before 7 to hang out with me. I have the nicest husband.

Finally, transportation arrived at about a quarter to 8 pm and I kissed John and went on my merry way.

I think it was sometime around 3pm on Thursday when I woke up.

I gotta tell you – I just don’t remember much of anything of Thursday. I think I remember Dr. Neifing coming by to see me – in fact, I think he woke me up to say hi and probably realized I was just too out of it to converse. I wonder if I told him about the Vitamin K thing? I think Dr. Ballard came by, too – only I couldn’t tell you for sure. John came by a couple of times and couldn’t get me to wake up so left.

It was about 3pm that I remember first yesterday. And what about 3pm I’m not sure – I think it was just the shock that it was the next day and I had lost all that was prior to that point in time. I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot the rest of the day, either. I napped some, I walked a little – but I was pretty woozy.

Oh! And I woke up with a new appendage! See:

It’s a little tube that goes from the fistula out my nose, to a drain bag. It’s draining nothing, by the way. There’s a rumor that they’ll be doing a sterile saline flush of it at some point in time, but we’ll see. The really important part, of course, is that the blue tube matches my three cartilage piercing earrings. It’s not quite a match on my toe nail polish, but I’m in desperate need of a pedicure, so it doesn’t really matter. (What’s left of the toenail polish does in fact match the color of my car, though!)

Today I awoke much clearer. Dr. Ballard was in before the sun was up and made mention of the fact that I’m going to need nutrition here pretty soon. I have been NPO for quite some time. And I’m starting to get that underlying shaky thing cause I haven’t eaten in quite a while thing again. I guess the good news is that I’m really not hungry at all. I just miss eating.

Lord, am I not the poster girl for the DS?

So, there are a couple of options being bantied about regarding nutrition. TPN via PICC line – been there, done that, it’s not bad. The problem with this being that because of the sugars (carbohydrates) in the TPN it makes a significant risk for infection at the PICC site. THAT, my friends, is not desirable.

The other option is a feeding tube. They’d surgically place it – I think at my side – I only have minimal info on this as of yet – and then do feedings into the intestine – past the stomach, to give my poor tummy a chance to heal up completely.

Is it telling at all that I just don’t care which one – although intellectually I think the feeding tube is the better option – that I wish we could just get this show on the road?!!!

Sorry – feeling a little whiney there.

So, true to form, I wait.

Some more.

I’ll let you know when I know more.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica says:

    You poor thing. I was a revision from two prior WLS, so my tummy was jacked up too. I was in and out of the hospital for months.

    The feeding tube isn’t too bad and is better than the PICC line feedings, IMO.

    I hope everything works as planned and you get better soon!

    1. dinamcb says:

      Monica – thanks for the encouragement and well wishes. And I’m so sorry you’ve been through the tired tummy wars, too. Dang, girlfriend! I hope everything is a-okay for you now!



  2. Maureen says:

    Geeze Dina…..can’t a girl get a break??? I do NOT tolerate tubes in the nose or the mouth at all. In fact, in a drug induced haze, I pulled one out myself. Believe it or not, I actually believed I was in some sort of contest with other “tubed” people to pull theirs out the fastest. You can well imagine how much I ticked off the nursing staff….lol I vote for the TPN girlfriend. You’ve just gotta get some nutrition in you.
    Love you loads and praying daily for your recovery,

    1. dinamcb says:

      Hey Mo! I gotta tell you the tube I have now is almost nothing compared to having an NG tube – which is like from the pit of hell! This one is so tiny it’s almost unnoticible – well, except it isn’t! LOL!

      Newsflash: Dr. Zelko came by early evening last night and told me I can eat anything I want this weekend! Isn’t that wild?! So no worries about alternative feedings yet – woo hoo!

      John did the “help” with the tubes thing after a surgery once, too – LOL – they were NOT amused. Aren’t drugs wierd?!

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