Dr. Swanstrom is hilarious.

I was scheduled at noon for a trip to the OR (or so said the chart note) for endoscopy with Dr. Swanstrom. He’d said as much when he came and visited me yesterday morning, as well.

But I know Dr. Swanstrom. He’s the kind of guy who has ten patients scheduled before noon time and really thinks he can get all of those procedures done before noon. Yeah, not so much.

So – noon came and went.

I waited.

I walked.

I got up to pee.

I reclined and snoozed a bit.

At 1:30 pm, Cassie, my CNA came to tell me that there were still four people ahead of me – I shouldn’t be holding my breath or anything. Maybe 3pm.

So I waited.

Sure enough, at 3:00 pm transportation showed up and off I went – to endoscopy, not the OR! I was surprised, but no big deal, you know? They took me into the room, Dr. Swanstrom was there going over paperwork quietly. The nurse came in and introduced herself and said, “Mrs. McBride, have you ever had an endoscopy before?”

Dr. Swanstrom piped up, “Heck, she’s had so many of them she could probably do this one!”

Too funny! I laughed and agreed.

So they were doing more prep and I asked if they were going to use my power PICC for the anesthesia.

“Wow,” the nurse said, “You really do know the procedure down here don’t you?”

To which I quipped, “See one, do one, teach one!”

Dr. Swanstrom then interjected, “Yeah, but you always fall asleep when I’m showing you how they’re done!”


The guy is hilarious.

Interestingly enough – I did not go to sleep this time. Yeah, I got the Versed and Fentanyl – but I stayed awake – I just didn’t give a rip about anything. Wasn’t unpleasant at all – and of course, I’d left my glasses in my room so I couldn’t really see anything.

But, there was a finding – there is another fistula, darn it all. So – pretty much – I’m (can you guess?)…


I *think* this means that they’ll take me back in and deal with it like they did with the others (which are holding beautifully, by the way).

The residents who have come to see me this morning can’t read Dr. Swanstrom’s handwriting so they don’t know what the plan of action is. I doubt I’ll see Zelko until this evening, if at all – he’s usually in surgery on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So I’ll wait.

And sip on my clears – which I’ve been told are okay. Which means nothing is happening early today, that’s for sure! When they make me NPO then we’ll know something is afoot.

Kirk Franklin is probably my all time favorite artist. If you ever get the chance to read about his life – do. He’s a very real guy with a very real faith. And he has this uncanny ability to encourage my heart. Here you go – enjoy:

September Video


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Dennie says:

    Dina – I was so sorry to read that you have a NEW fistula! They close some up and another one pops up!

    I hate that this is going on and on and you’re be subjected to all of this. You’re constantly in my prayers. I know how this is wearing you down and getting more and more frustrating.

    I wish there was something I could do or say to help.

    Much love

    1. dinamcb says:


      Your prayers and encouragement are priceless! What more could I want or hope for? Just knowing the prayers of God’s people are before His throne on my behalf thrills my weary soul!

      much love, dear one

  2. Maureen says:

    Dina……next time you’re able to look in the mirror, wrap your arms around yourself……feel me holding you, dear friend. Jesus WILL heal you. He will pick you up and carry you through this ordeal. xoxoxox

    1. dinamcb says:

      You’ll totally laugh at this Maureen – but I felt like i had been given big hug as I was going under anesthesia last night. I thought, “Thanks Lord! I wonder who that was from?!

      I’ll never forget one time when we were losing our baby Elizabeth and I was on a back windey Kentucky road in an abulance and the song, “Hold Me Jesus” by Rich Mullens was in my head – and I had the very real sensation of, indeed, being held by Jesus. What a treasure!

  3. Liz says:

    Saying prayers for a FULL recovery, Dina. The Lord is faithful and something good WILL come of this.

    All my best,
    Liz Parker

    1. dinamcb says:

      Liz, thank you so much! I need to keep my heart focused on God’s faithfulness. I know if nothing else, I will have come through with a walk more desperate for uninterrupted time with Him!

      Bless you!


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