Back in the Hospital

So I saw Dr. Zelko on Wednesday. He – of course – sent me to CT on Thursday. Had to be at the hospital at 7am Thursday. And yes, I had to drink the disgusting stuff – gosh, even just typing it makes me gaggy!

Went home after the CT on Thursday and pretty much went to bed. Not doing so okay. Thursday night my temp was up to 101.4. I’m supposed to call when it hits 101.5.

I was kind of in new territory, though. Drinking was starting to hurt. I don’t know if I can describe this adequately or not – but I’d take a sip of something and then swallow, and it’d hit my gut – and then my shoulder would HURT! Needless to say, made me a little reluctant to drink. I maybe got 20 to 24 oz in on Thursday. (BAD post-op!)

Friday morning my home health nurse came to the house to draw labs and change my PICC site dressing. I told him my symptomology and asked if I was being a weenie, or if I should call the doctor. He looked at me and said, “You haven’t called yet?!”

Shortly after the nurse left Dr. Zelko called me. He started out by telling me he’d been reviewing my CT with about five hundred different docs – okay, maybe not five hundred, but a lot. Then, his voice got a little more serious and he said, “And this time, we can see where the contrast is going through a leak.”


My heart beat a little faster (probably due to reduced blood volume secondary to dehydration!!!).

“So let’s talk about how you feel.” He said.

So I started telling him. I mentioned that I’d hoped he’d order me fluids for home. So he asked how many ounces I’d gotten in. I told him. He sighed. Pee really isn’t supposed to be brown.

I asked when I’d know I was too sick to stay home. He said, “Well, Dina, you’re there. We really need to readmit you.”

I kinda knew.

He went on to explain that they wanted to do a number of things.

First, they’d get me tanked up – lots of IV fluids, check lab levels, infusions for whatever I needed.

Second, keep up the IV antibiotics. I obviously needed them – and may need additional, depending on what was learned.

Third, probably another trip to Interventional Radiology eventually to hopefully drain the abscess – which has grown again.

Fourth, Dr. Zelko was talking to one of his partners – a physician/surgeon, who has an unmatched reputation for excellence; who, incidentally, used to do the DS in the old days, before he turned to highly specialized procedures. I’ve known of him for years – I know a lot of docs who know and downright revere the guy. Dr. Zelko would like this other doc to do a new procedure – an endoscopic repair. This doc is the guy who is teaching the other docs how to do this procedure, and Dr. Zelko said, “He’s who I’d want to do it if I needed it.” Have I mentioned that I love Dr. Zelko?

Fifth, we’ll see if the endoscopic repair works. If it doesn’t, then it’s surgery. The one where they have to fillet me and go through my mesh and it’ll be huge. Major. Ugly. Painful. Awful. Not so good. And mean weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of recovery.

I’m praying for a VERY successful endoscopic repair! J

So I came to the hospital Friday afternoon.

There are some plusses:

  1. I don’t have to work at forcing myself to drink. I get all sorts of fluids via my what-was-PICC, but is now midline – and my pee isn’t chocolate brown anymore! Woo Hoo!
  2. They have pain meds. And because I don’t have to be counted on to do stuff – just lay here like a jellyfish – I don’t mind taking them.
  3. Even though I’m NPO, I still get to suck Jolly Ranchers!
  4. Because I can take pain meds, I’m sleeping way more. I needed that.  (I should clarify that I had them at home – but I just don’t feel comfortable taking them when I might need to drive or do something that involves cognitive thought.)
  5. There’s a plan. We really know – as much as is possible anyway – what is going on and they’re gonna do something to fix it. That’s a relief.
  6. There’s an end in sight. I’m tired of being sick. I’m so ready to be well.
  7. I get to listen to whatever music I want as loud as I want – cause I’ve got my Zune and headphones, and it really is a balm to my soul. Great worship times. I love that.

Dr. Baltasar – of course – continues to be his amazing, kind, supportive, helpful self. He’s sent all sorts of great stuff to Dr. Zelko as resources. He continues to encourage me. He continues to be the awesome guy he is.

So – here I sit in my – I gotta say it – MUCH spiffier and nicer than last time – hospital room. I’ve got an AWESOME wi fi connection, the best cell reception ever, and lots of people making sure I’m getting everything I need. I’m pretty spoiled, huh?!

Once again – thank you, Lord! I’m humbled by your tender watch care over me!

Updates as I have them.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheila says:

    Sorry to hear your back in the hospital. But, glad that they know what’s going on and will be able to fix. Hopeful endoscopic repair but, if not and have to do it open maybe you should look into tummy tuck? I wish you the best Dina if you need anything please feel free to ask.

    Take care my thought and prayers are with us as always.


    1. dinamcb says:

      Thanks Sheila! It is a relief to knowwhat’s going on – and that there’s a clear plan at the moment. Phew!

      Wouldn’t it fab if they would at least get rid of the female scrotum? But if it’s an open surgery with an active leak and infection they won’t touch anything like that, darn it all! That would be so cool, tho!

  2. Lee says:

    OMG…what a story. You have reallly had a rough time but am happy to hear you are under such good care now.

    Craving anything special to eat? I will bring it! Need anything? Just ask! Can I do anything to make things easier at home? Just ask!

    May only the best come your way. Hope to see you soon.



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