The importance of photos.


When you’re morbidly obese, the last thing you want is to have your photo taken.  Eventually, though, someone sneaks and gets a shot with you in it – and UGH!

Is there anything worse than getting a copy of said photo and realizing anew just how bad your weight is?

I studiously avoided photos in my pre-op life.  Really.  Like a lot.  Like tons.

I hate that now.

I’ve got a few – here’s a little slide show to show you how cool photos can be for when you’re a post-op!

If you hover your cursor over the photo it will give you the caption.

I always tell my newbies:

1.  Take your photo once a month – take a full body front shot, a full body side shot, if you want to, include a full body rear shot (we hate those rear shots, don’t we?).  Also take a head and shoulders shot.

2.  Take your measurements before surgery, and once a month on the anniversary of your surgery.  I.e., my original DS was 7/2/02 – so on 8/2/02 I was doing measurements.  Make sense?

If you’re a pre-op and reading this you won’t believe me because all you want is to JUST LOSE THE WEIGHT and you KNOW you’ll simply rejoice at each and every pound lost.  You won’t ever feel like it’s going too slow, will you?  You won’t feel like you’re the only one who is going to fail the DS, will you?

Yeah, right.

We all say that – and then the post-op hormones hit!

So – I, personally think one of the best things you can do for yourself (and your fragile post-op emotional state when it comes to body image, perception, etc.) is to make yourself a slideshow of your progress.

Find yourself a program that does the fade from one photo the next.  One of the  Microsoft products does that – it’s standard on my laptop, sorry, can’t remember the name of it right now – I’ll check it out and get back to you.

You will be blown away at the changes that have taken place in just really short periods of time.

And you will be a better adjusted post-op for it.

So just do it!

Insist on regularly scheduled post-op photos!

And if you’re a pre-op – get as many photos as you can NOW – please!  Believe me, it is really hard to go through and dig out all of the horrible pre-op photos later on down the line.  We hide them well.  Do yourself a favor and consider it an investment in your post-op life!


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