It’s the Pits!

When I weighed this much:

There was something that I didn’t know. A burden that skinny – or, well, just normal sized – girls must bear, that super, super morbidly obese women – like me – had no clue about! (Or maybe I was the only one…)

When I was heavy, shaving my pits was no big deal. Kinda like a flat surface that took seconds to shave, and voila! All done! Woo Hoo! Granted, shaving legs wasn’t so easy. Ugh!

Now that I weigh this much – that’s me in the middle:

I have a question I’ve got to ask.


Even 50 pounds ago – about the weight I was before my revision in November – shaving my pits was… less of an issue. Does 50 pounds make that much difference?

Seriously – it’s dangerous! There are actual serious indentations going on there, and I’m using a VERY sharp blade in a VERY delicate location. I mean, who wants a cut in your arm pit?! OUCH!

So – anyone? Anyone? (Fry… Fry… Sorry – I have flashbacks to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off all of the time.) Is there a method that I’m supposed to know about that I don’t? ‘Cause when you’re a fat girl growing up, there ARE things that you don’t get told. Maybe this is one of those things!

Speaking of the revision, by the way… Guess what?! My BMI is 26 now. I’m only overweight now! I weigh 144 lbs. Wow. Kinda weird. Weirder still? My size 12 shorts are too big.

Go figure.


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