It’s Moving Day!


No… no… we’re not moving houses! Phew! Can you imagine? No – our blog is moving!

Here’s the thing… I’ve got several blogs. I’ve got shortcuts to them on my desktop – and I’m always thinking about updating one or the other of them. But it just makes my life feel so fragmented.

I don’t like a fragmented feeling life.

So, a month or so ago (maybe longer…) I started thinking, “What if I move – and merge! – all of my blogs into one location?” At first it seemed like a crazy idea. But the more I investigated, the more I thought about it, the more I brainstormed… well, it seemed less and less crazy.

So I’ve started a new blog – moved all of the posts from my other two most invested in blogs there, too, and well – today is the day. It’s time to move. So – you can now find me over at:

It’s still a work in motion. I’m trying hard to get stuff categorized – if you look on the upper right hand corner there’s a drop down with categories. There’s a category for Living the DS Life with subcategories. There’s a category for the Hip Chick Chronicles (more of my day to day life blog) and subcategories. And then there are some new categories where life kinda intersected.

So I hope you’ll follow over there. If you’re new to RSS subscription – look on your browser toolbar – it’s a little orange button with a dropdown. When you click on that you can subscribe to a blog. Then, when updates are made, you can be notified. It’s a very cool thing to know how to do!

Anyway – I’ve got some blog housekeeping to do. Hope to see you over at


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