Phew! What a week…. okay – more!


I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since March 3rd! I thought for sure I had! I’d thought through posts I wanted to post! But oh yeah – there was that non-weightbearing bit… the “keep the toes above the nose” thing for all of those weeks. Dang – it’s amazing how an ankle reconstruction can really cramp your style!

So – I’ve had some interesting revelations of late…

First – was in Denver last week (with my son at National Jewish Health – honestly, if you have poorly controlled allergies, asthma, immunology issues – these people need to be your best friends!). Wierd thing happened. I was getting in an elevator and as I turned to press the button for our floor, I caught – out of the corner of my eye – view of a fairly slim lady, and I thought, “Gosh, she’s nicely proportioned!”

Okay – if you’ve been morbidly obese – do you do that, too? Do you think those kinds of thoughts? I do – all of the time! Most of the time it’s doing a mental calculation trying to figure out if I’m larger (which I typically assume) or smaller, than the other person. Not a competition type of thing – but more a still trying to figure out what my shape really IS kind of a thing!

…back to my story… then, I realized – THAT’S ME!


Then, remembering that I recently had the ankle reconstruction surgery and I use a walker for the most part still….

I was walking through a building and came to one of those heavy double doors with the bar across the middle that you push against to get the door to open. With the walker, I typically turn around, plant my back against it, and shove for all I’m worth. Know what?

I didn’t weigh enough to open the stinking door!


According to my scale, I weigh 149 now. My weight hasn’t started with a 14 anything since something like the 4th grade.


Oh – and I had to buy a dress for a court date (long story – won’t go there) – and I tried on quite a few. One of them was a VERY fitted little number – quite pretty – and know what? Size 12 fit very nicely.

So – let me just say. Yes, I’m liking my revision!

And that’s the scoop.

Later, I’ll come back and tell you the sordid tale of what my Mother’s Day weekend was like!


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