I’m almost 15 weeks post-op.

During the course of my life as Patient Support Coordinator to Baltasar patients I can count on some things that happen like clockwork. Notably:

1. The panic expressed by early post-ops (usually at about the 1 month post-op mark) when they say things like, “He made my stomach too small!” “I’ll never be able to eat enough!” “I’m going to die of malnutrition!” I know these statements will come, as surely as I know the sun will rise. I always tell patients – “You’re not alone. Everyone feels this way.”

*I* felt this way. Not my first surgery – but definitely with my revision. I knew I would. But I wasn’t prepared for what a whiney butt I would be!


2. The panic expressed by just about every post-op (at about 3 months post-op) when they say things like, “He made my stomach too large!” “I can eat too much!” “I’ll never lose all of my weight!”

Yes, these are the same folks that made the previous statements.

I’ve always jokingly said I’d love to have just one buck for every time I heard these statements – ’cause they we could certainly be debt free and maybe even buy a house some day! LOL!

And just this week – I found myself thinking: “OH MY WORD! I can eat too much!”


*I* said that!

I know better!

I’ve longed for the day when I would eventually be able to eat a little more – cause, well, I like eating easily.

Lord! I’m such a wuss.

So there’s my first confession.

Next: I’m addicted to orange juice.

I love orange juice.

A lot.

Too much.

Not just any orange juice – but the GOOD (aka expensive) orange juice.

I’ve consumed far too much of it in the past weeks. But, I reasoned, I had to get my fluids in… and orange juice was HELPING…

It didn’t help that I couldn’t bring myself to drink iced tea. I still think it’s absolutely BIZARRE that straight green tea still makes me want to hurl. Which has meant that getting my fluids in daily has been a HUGE challenge.

BUT I’m happy to report – I’ve finally found a beverage I actually like, is non-sweetened, and makes it a breeze to get my fluids in! Woo Hoo! It is:

Half-green, half-black, iced tea.

Here’s how I order it at Starbucks: Venti Iced Tea – half green, half black, no classic, with extra ice please!

How’s that for a frou-frou drink?!

But you know what? I’m just so stinking relieved that I’ve finally found something to drink that I actually enjoy (almost as much as I enjoy orange juice!), I’m willing to live with it! I make it at home with the Stash Fusion Breakfast Green & Black Tea – it’s every bit as good (and quite a bit cheaper than) the Starbucks version.

I will also confess that I invested some time this week trying on clothing. You’ll note that I didn’t say that I invested some time this week buying clothing. I just couldn’t do it. I tried on bras… I’m just going to have to go and get a professional fitting. What a pain. But I just couldn’t find a bra that was the right size in the cup – and still worked with all of the excess skin that cascades everywhere else! UGH!

And I tried several pairs of jeans on… All size 12. A couple were – well, a little roomy. Wierd. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them, either. Why? I don’t know, exactly… part of me wished heartily that Jessica (my daughter) had accompanied me and was there to give me her honest opinion. Well, then there was also the fact that I’ve been in a cast on my left leg since June – and the legs of two of the pairs that I tried on wouldn’t fit over the cast.

I finally decided that it was smartest to NOT buy jeans yet because I’m having surgery on my left ankle on the 4th of March – and will be non-weight-bearing for a month after that. And after that – will I only want to wear shorts or capris? If so – why buy jeans? I might not be in a size that I buy NOW for long, you know?

How’s that for justification? πŸ™‚

So, life as an almost 15 week post-op has been good. Eating is easier. Getting hydrated is WAY easier. Getting my vitamins in daily is going WAY better. And life is good.


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