I lost count!


I seriously just cannot, for the life of me, remember how many weeks post-revision I am now! How wierd is that? At first, you’re thinking…. this early post-op stuff is ETERNAL!!! Oh, for 1 more week to pass and stuff to be easier! Then the week passes, then two, and before you know it – and then you find yourself at week TEN!

Wow! Time flies! Okay – I can admit it – it hasn’t all been fun. I’ve hated admitting the fact that I’d turned into a mindless scarfer again! As a DS post-op no less! How and when did that happen?! I can’t believe how easily it was to revert to my pre-DS eating ways – and I didn’t even know I had! Really!

I can also admit that it still kinda hacks me off when the food police points those things out!

I mean, HELLO, I know! I know, I know, I know! I’m supposed to know! I teach this stuff! I know it forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down!

Yet, I still do the stuff I’m not supposed to. Like scarf. Like take huge bites. Like forget to eat. Like forget to drink. You know – all of the stuff I lecture on day in and day out!

Lord – I’m so bad!

BUT… I will say, it’s going better. While I’m still not exactly thrilled at the prospect of eating – I mean, there’s no warm fuzzy involved there, so there’s no real pressing desire to do it – I am doing a better job of getting more protein in, and getting more veggies in – and hallelujah! – even salad! (I’m sorry – I really do love it! Especially caesar salad – which we had last night with tilapia – yummy!)

This morning – soon, actually – I have an appointment with my PCP. I was trying to remember when the last time I saw her was… um, it’s been YEARS. Well, I run into her in the grocery store now and then, and I saw her when she was helping care for my Mom when she was declining. But for me? For an actual appointment? Um, yeah, years. Bad me. I usually just call up her MA (who is an AMAZING woman) and say, “Hey, Danielle, I need labs! Can you put in the order?” And sure enough, she has it taken care of in no time at all. Well, this time I have to actually go in – you see I have to have another surgery – this time on my left ankle – and I need an annual (you know – female type stuff) exam, and so I’m going.

This is a new place to be in. Seven years ago – before my DS, I saw this woman, my PCP, nearly weekly – sometimes more often – because of the myriad health problems I had. That and managing the 23 prescription meds I was on back then took a concerted effort, as well. She was a vital part of my day to day life.

I still think the world of her. How could I not? Here she is, this teensy, weensy, petite, about 5 foot, 95 pound (with five extra post-partum pounds) – and she GOT IT that I needed WLS, that I needed DS – specifically – and has been nothing less than a champion for me.

You know – I oughtta high tail it out of here and swing by and pick up flowers for her. Just to remind her that I haven’t forgotten. And to say thanks again. Cause, dang, I’m so thankful.


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