How DO you know?


If your britches are too big, that is…

What’s the criteria that moves you past the point of repeatedly hitching your britches up for the fifty-thousandeth time of the day and actually considering finding a size smaller?

John (my beloved husband) says its when you can take your jeans on and off – without unfastening them at all – easily.

When I had my original DS I had this pair of black pants. They were that stretchy jersey type material – with drawstring waistband – and they were size 6x. The only pair of pants that I owned that I could actually fit on my body. I wore them through the loss of the first 125 pounds. That that point in time I simply couldn’t since the waist up any further and they simply wouldn’t stay on my body. (And my husband was threatening to burn them – he was so sick of seeing them! They did not fit so well, I am willing to admit!)

So this time around – here I am seven weeks since my revision – and I’ve lost a mere 21 pounds (which I’m as thrilled as can be about, I should add) – but my britches keep falling off.

Do I tough it out?

I don’t want to actually break down and BUY something – you know? How long will I be in the next size down, for heaven’s sake?

It is getting to the point where I’m very seriously contemplating a trip to Goodwill or the Rack… Now the next question…

What size to try on next?


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