Six Weeks Post-Op


It’s amazing how quickly six weeks can go by. Of course, I live a fairly busy life – so I guess it shouldn’t be such a surprise that I was surprised that it was six weeks already!

I forgot to weigh again – but late last week the scale read 170 lbs – meaning I’ve lost 20 pounds since surgery. I did do measurements shortly after getting home – but I haven’t had time to do them again – I think I’ll wait until I’m two months post-op.

In terms of energy – totally back up to speed. I’m going full speed ahead – doing laundry, errands, taking kids to various appointments, cooking meals, washing dishes, taking care of dog, cats, chickens – to name a few!

Eating continues to get better with the passage of time. I’m finding that I’m craving stuff that I just don’t do, though! I gave up Coke May 29, 2007 – I cannot believe how badly I want soda – any soda. But I don’t do HFCS or carbonation at all any more. I seriously haven’t given a rip about it in ages – but I want it now! I won’t give in to the want – but dang, I can’t believe how strong the craving is!

(Oh for the daywhen I can get my arms done!)

I am doing better with fluids, too. For a while I simply could not bring myself to do the iced green tea that I’ve lived on for YEARS now. Then, one day – out of the blue – it was the only thing I could fathom tolerating again. Wierd.

I am having quite the issue with jeans that are just too big. I’d just put these jeans on – straight out of the dryer when they’re at their tightest – and they’re a couple of inches too big. The biggest problem is the way that jeans are cut nowadays – you know, lower in the back – well, I’m having to hike my jeans up every few steps! It’s such a pain in the butt! (Thankfully, not literally!) I can’t bring myself to buy new jeans quite yet, though – I’ve got several very nice pairs of them that I will try to hold out with for a while yet.

So that’s pretty much it for six weeks post-op reporting. It’s been a good six weeks. I’m still blown away at how much easier it is on the body to have a lap surgery – dang! SO much easier!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true. Patty

  2. dina says:

    Thanks Patty! Big Christmas hug to you and Dan!


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