It’s so easy…


…to do really stupid stuff.

You know, stuff like:

  • …kinda forget to eat – until 2pm
  • …focus on getting hydrated – to the exclusion to actual calories
  • …fail to remember that protein is super important – and just kinda forget to eat any
  • …listen to the emotional thing inside you that says you NEED to eat that last bite, even if you really already know that THERE’S NO STINKING ROOM!

It’s amazing how distracting real life is. It blows me away how easy it is to simply forget about doing the stuff I NEED to do to be healthy.

Know what my very favorite food is right now? Bread with butter! Lots of butter. It goes down so well – and settles so nicely! I don’t eat a lot of it – but if I’m feeling particularly urpy, it sure does the trick.

My favorite meal since getting home from surgery thus far? Home made pizzas. I actually just eat the toppings. Second favorite – ham and swiss with mayo and dijon on a toasted croissant. That’s yummy!

I’m going through a really wierd transition with fluids, too. I’ve been an iced green tea girl for YEARS – I mean big time years. I’ve never been iced green tea’d out – never. But I am now. After single-handedly keeping Starbuck’s in business with my Venti Iced Green Tea, no classic, with extra ice order – no more. Know what I want now? Plain old lipton iced tea. Wierd. AND, after years of being a mug of Constant Comment hot tea every morning – no more! Now it has to be English Breakfast Tea. It’s so wierd these taste buds!

I will confess that I’m really struggling with breakfast right now. I’m completely egged out. Just can’t go there – my egg allergy is really rearing it’s ugly head. For the most part I just plain old don’t want much of anything at breakfast time. This is the juncture when my “You need to eat even when you don’t feel like it” lecture comes into play! I don’t know why it’s so hard to decide to eat non-breakfast food for breakfast – but it actually catches me by surprise nearly every morning when I find myself choosing a non-breakfast food for breakfast! Fave right now? Left over amazing Enchiladas that my wonderous husband made. They’re the best!

So… here it is 5 weeks 5 days since my revision. Long story short – I’m still figuring stuff out. (Yes, I am supposed to know.) My scale says I’m down 20 pounds thus far, and my jeans would seem to agree – they’re decidedly on the baggy side! All in all – I’m still glad I did it, and I’d do the revision all over again!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't care for breakfast either.

    I know some people just do a protein shake (so they can take their vits/minerals).

    What I do is 2 slices of Am. cheese. That's about 8 grams/protein. If that's all I'm having I make sure I have a lot of protein for lunch & dinner and sprinkle nuts, cheese or a protein bar throughout the day. However, nowadays with the 2 slices of Am. cheese, I often have some nuts so I get at least 10+ grams of protein at breakfast.

    BTW, I'm 3.5+ years out from the DS.

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