3 weeks post-op


This was taken when I was 4 days post-op (July 6, 2002) on the balcony of my room at the Clinica (the nickname for Sanatorio san Jorge).

This was the Friday before my revision – on the same balcony that I had my picture taken on in 2002.

This is my stomach before my revision…

This is my stomach after my revision:

And here I am today – 21 days since my revision.
(I’ve got to work on my posture!)

So here are some of my thoughts about being three weeks revision post-op…
  1. Getting hydrated and staying that way is a LOT of work. Hydrated meaning, of course, a bare minimum of 64 ounces of non-sweetened (artificially or otherwise) daily. For me, that means iced green tea (I love the Tazo Zen from Starbuck’s) with a couple of mugs of some sort of tea each day as well.
  2. Food is a pain in the butt. Working on getting calories in regularly is hard work. And stuff that sounded good 5 minutes ago may not sound so good now – after I spent 5 minutes preparing it! That’s frustrating!
  3. I’m still a little bit sore. I don’t know why that surprises me so – but it does. It’s one spot specifically – the one that bothered me before, when we were still in Spain and then magically went away. Well it’s back – sort of. I *know* it’s the trocar site where they made the biggest cut through my mesh. I know it’ll just take a while for it to heal up and stop hurting. Doesn’t mean, though, that I’m patient!
  4. I’m not ready for jeans yet. I tried last Friday. Should have waited. It’s not that I don’t fit – but something about wearing them gives an aggravating counter pressure to my owie spot – and well, ow!
  5. Even though I’ve been soundly in menopause for five years – I’m still spotting on occasion (have been since surgery). I guess it just goes to prove that there’s still plenty of hormone stored in those cells!
  6. All of my scabs on my tummy have finally fallen off – it happened on Sunday. Seemed like they’d never go!

Oh – and I’ve lost 15 pounds since my surgery. That means I weigh 79.54 kg and my BMI is now 29.9.


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