Jet lag lives…


Here it is – early morning hours of the 22nd of November. Why am I up? Can you say:


Yeah, I can! LOL!

We left Madrid early morning on the 20th (Johns & my 15th wedding anniversary, coincidentally) Madrid time – and got home about 11:30 pm same day.

I love Spain. It’s an amazing experience. I love going to Alcoy. I love going back to the Sanatorio San Jorge (the small private hospital that Dr. Baltasar operates on his private practice patients in). I love that first time to see Dr. B again – a big hug, a kiss on the cheek, an affectionate reunion. It’s always like going home again. I actually always feel a big relief when I get there.

I loved the time we spent on the Mediterranean – Altea was gorgeous! The weather was 70’s and sunny, the hotel was a resort – and gorgeous, you couldn’t ask for nicer.

Madrid was fabulous. What’s not to love about Old Madrid? Or the amazing flamenco show we took in? Or the Prado? Or the Royal Palace? Or Gran Via? The shopping is amazing!

But I love home. I adore my kids. I love my dog and cats and chickens. I really love my own fabulous bed!

If you’ve been reading my blog at all – you know we had a great time!

Oh yeah – that’s right – I also had surgery somewhere in there! LOL!

My revision was on the 10th at 3pm. Surgery went well. We knew going into it that my stomach had dilated considerably since my original DS in July 2002. (And I started with a small stomach! About the 2.5 to 3 oz range. That was tiny for my generation of DS!) They found that the part of my stomach that had stretched out on the top part had adhered (gotta love those adhesions – not!) to my liver and spleen. So they carefully took it down as small as they could, and then made the bottom part very narrow. So I’ve still got a bit of a larger than normal top part of my stomach, but it’s way smaller than it was going into this. They weren’t able to reach my common channel at all. I had hoped for a re-measure – it was 65 cm at the time of my original DS – I was hoping to learn if it had lengthened at all, as they have been known to do if you do much reading over the years on outcomes and resurgeries. But I told Dr. B going into surgery if it meant unnecessary time on the table – I was totally with him on his commitment for surgery to be short and not super stressful on the patient – and to call it a day. My adhesions were so severe that it was completely impossible. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising after all of the abdominal surgeries that I’ve had – all of them open – which means WAY higher chance for the fibrous difficult to release adhesions and much more difficult surgery. (Dang – what I’d give to have been able to have a Lap DS to start with!)

But you know what? I’m totally okay with it.

My restriction is SO MUCH more obvious now. I love that!

I weighed when I got up Friday morning and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Not bad!

Do I have a goal weight? Nope. My goal is to lose weight to prolong my mobility. If I listened to the orthopedic surgeons – who I think are totally unrealistic – they’d want me at about 110 to 120 pounds. Yeah, NOT. I just can’t fathom that I would be – or look – healthy at that weight. So – I’ll do my best to focus on the basics:

Get my protein in.

Get my fluids in.

Take my vitamins.


I want to be healthy. That’s what this is all about. Well, that, and the fact that I’m not willing to give up my mobility without a fight.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, pals!




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  1. Sheila says:

    Glad you guys made it home safe and sound. I’m also glad to hear you had such a good time. I can’t wait to go back to Spain I just loved it there. And 10 pounds in 2 weeks is amazing. I sure you will lose all you need to. Hope to see you next month at the DS Meeting.

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