Bone Health post-op…

Amy was kind enough to send along an abstract of a report of a clinical trial on Vitamin D injection treatment. It’s worth a read!

It’s actually a study that a post-op I know was in – you’ll note it took place in Australia. So much for the theorum that it’s only those of us who live in the northern areas of the world who suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies, etc.!

So – folks are known to say – just take Vitamin D. Well – we are! Did you know it comes in various forms? The most commonly known form being the lovely little gel caps that doctors are famous for prescribing – they are 50,000 IU’s of D2 in those little caps. And, if you weren’t aware – gel caps without exception – are packed in oil. Unfortunately, for those of us who have intestinal malabsorption – we may as well just skip the swallowing the pill part and flush it down the toilet! We malabsorb oil! That means it is not absorbed in our GI tract – it literally just goes through us.

A lot of us are taking the Bio-Tech Dry D3-50 – it’s a dry form of Vitamin D3.

There’s a petition going on in the WLS post-op world… it can be found here:

Sadly, only 73 folks have signed. Yet I know literally THOUSANDS of post-ops (of various surgeries) who are struggling with keeping their Vitamin D levels in the correct ranges for those of us who live with intestinal malabsorption daily.

So what’s the big deal? Why not just pursue the injections?

Some in the WLS world cite “potential for complications” as the reasoning behind not making them available here in the United States. Well – do some homework – read up. Can you find citations for complications because of injection series? I’m looking – if you find them, will you let me know? Cause I’m honestly trying to figure out if it’s a good option or not.

I’m about to head to Spain in November. I plan on investing some time and effort into trying to locate injectable Vitamin D. I’ll report back on what I find.


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