2 1/2 Weeks Later…


Okay – not since the last post, but since I had my right hip replacement. I am AMAZED at my recovery thus far. I can’t believe that it’s only been that long!

I went for my *almost* two week post-op appointment last Wednesday, the surgeon took one look at me and said, “You look more like a 4 week post-op, not an almost two week post-op! Amazing!” and then he immediately upgraded me to a cane from my walker. Cool!

So – interestingly enough, while I was still in the hospital, one of the pharmacists at the hospital came to talk vitamins with me (ha!) and try to understand all that I take and why… We got into a talk about how smoothly my surgery and recovery had gone thus far. He said the first thing, of course, was having a fabulous surgeon, and the other he felt was diet. He asked if I’d had any diet changes of late. I said no, not much – well, except I’d given up High Fructose Corn Syrup May 29th and that I hadn’t had any sodas since then. HIs eyebrows raised and he said, “Interesting! I was just reading about how folks who abstained from carbonated beverages healed up faster! I wonder if you’ll be my first in real life confirmation of the theorum?!” VERY interesting, huh?!

So – I’m walker free. Have the cutest cane – it’s white with little blue flowers all over it. (The little old ladies at the memory care facility where my Mom lives want it!) Not only am I getting proficient with the cane, but I can actually walk a little bit without it. AMAZING! I’m still getting used to the fact that my right leg is now 5 mm longer than the left – a little wild how that feels. But, it seems to all be easing into place, and I’m feeling more and more “normal.” Hooray!

Interestingly enough, since my hip replacement surgery, I’ve actually lost some weight. I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I’m not eating less. I’m not eating much differently from what I would normally eat. BUT – walking does take a lot more work… Who knows. But it’s kinda fun!


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