She’s Home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tonight, at 11:12 p.m. Central Standard Time, my friend Susan Renee Frost took her last breath of earthly air.  She died with her family surrounding her – peacefully – after a lengthy fight for her life.

When I think of Susan I think of hours of talking on the phone, hours of laughter, and shared tears.  She was a fighter!  One of the strongest women I’ve ever known.  She loved people.  She had a particular fondness in her heart for children who needed someone who wasn’t afraid to love them.  She believed in the underdog.  She believed in justice.  She believed in mercy.  She believed in love.

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that Susan is enjoying the best party possible – being in the receiving room of heaven.  She’s reunited with her Savior.  She’s got friends and family to catch up with.  She had a list of questions that she just really wanted to sit down and talk to the Lord about.  She’ll be breathing in that incredible air of heaven – effortlessly.  And I know without a doubt that she’ll be dancing.

Susan loved to dance.  She and I laughed often about how fun it was that our teenaged daughters thought we SO didn’t know how to dance the “right” way.  She loved music – and being Susan – keeping her delight with life and love and the expression that came through the music had to be expressed in dance.  I’m so glad to know that she’s dancing with the angels tonight – no matter how much I miss her – and will – for the rest of my days.

I love you, Susan.  Thank you for being the sister of my heart.




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