My Story – Addendum


On Monday evening April 22nd I finished writing the preceding entry. I had just come from the doctor’s office for a check-up and to discuss my referral to the spine specialist. My doctor once again asked – “When are you going to Spain? You’ve got to have this surgery!” I told her that I really didn’t know – but I thought it wouldn’t be anytime soon – I wasn’t going to hold my breath – but that I did believe that God knew our need, and would provide at the right time. She said something about now being a fine time, and she hoped it would happen sooner, rather than later.

That evening when I was praying I was telling the Lord how discouraged I felt about all of this. That if He chose that I should be in Heaven instead of here on earth, I was okay with it – that I’d try to use those days that I had left to His glory. I just felt so tired, and tired of not being well.

Wednesday morning the 24th I was getting my desk all straightened up and getting ready to get back to work when I found the checkbook for my new surgery account checkbook. We’d set the account up on the 10th of April at the urging of our church, so that people who were interested in helping us out financially could. We finally had scraped together the $100 necessary to open the account, and were thankful that it was open, and there was a designated place for us to put our saved pennies, too. I thought I should call and check the balance, and so I called the automated banking system and entered the appropriate codes. The balance was given and I sucked my breath in sharply. “Oh no!” I thought, “I’ve accidentally gotten into someone else’s account.” There was a lot of money in that account – it couldn’t be mine. So I thought for a moment, my heart pounding, as I realized how many codes were required to get into personal account information and it would be nearly impossible to “miss-key” the codes. It couldn’t be my account! So I phoned John at work and asked him to call and check the balance. He did – and then had the foresight to speak to a human and confirm the balance, and inquire about the deposits made. The first $100 deposit that we’d made was there. And then on Monday, the 22nd, someone deposited $15,000.00. We don’t know who. We just know when and how much.

WOW. To say that we are floored, in shock, totally amazed, grateful, completely caught by surprise… all gross understatements of gargantuan proportions. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, and I’ve laughed and cried at the same time! I really thought it was going to be another couple of years before I would be able to go – and I wasn’t quite sure that my health would hold out that long. We are so blessed by this generosity. We are so amazed at this mark of obedience. We are once again finding ourselves amazed at God’s faithfulness to us, His loving kindness, and His delight in doing the impossible. What an incredible God we serve. What an honor to be called His child. Will there ever be adequate vocabulary to thank and praise Him enough? I’m not sure, but I’m going to try and see.

So – here’s the plan. I have emailed Dr. Baltasar and am waiting to hear back from him on available dates in July. I know he still has dates in May, but there are too many complications and not enough time to take care of all of the details if I take one of the available May dates. (Like – we need passports!) Then doctor is going to be traveling outside of Spain during the month of June for various teaching conferences, etc. July works out well for us for a number of reasons. John’s workload will be most accommodating at that point in time. John has to be at work during the month of August because his boss will be on vacation during that time, leaving John to “manage” things. Also, my mother (sainted woman that she is) is taking our children on a cross-country road trip to visit my brother Joel and his family in Florida – they will be gone the majority of the month of August. This would give me a period of time to recuperate without the temptation of doing things kid-related that I ought not during the healing stages.

 Our wonderful friend Paul Eastman is an incredibly gifted travel agent. He is in the process of determining what the best dates for travel (price wise) are so that we have some options based on the surgical dates open. So, as soon as we have a date for surgery, we’ll purchase our airfare. We’d like to have some time with the kids between getting back from Spain and their departing for Florida, too.

So. We still come and ask you to pray. For safety as we travel. For a smooth surgery and recuperation. For wisdom as we make decisions. For blessings to be heaped upon the heads of whomever it was who chose to gift us with this generous gift. For our children to feel settled and content in our absence. For God to be glorified in all that we do.

We love you,



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